Creative Women Series – Emily, Jones Design Company

I’m really excited to share this next interview in the Creative Women Series here on l.i.d. Emily is someone who’s blog I found and was instantly hooked!!  She has a very authentic way of communicating with her readers and is very open with sharing.  Whether it’s her personal experiences, favorite tools or ‘how-tos” – she […]

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My name is Nicki, and I’m addicted to …..

I feel like a new obsession is upon me.  I can’t stop thinking about it.  It just kinda crept up on me.  All I think about is where can I go to get more stuff to add to my stash.  I’m up early and want to do it over and over again…. My name is […]

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Washington, DC – my way…

Summer vacation is here and so begins our flurry of trips, pics, and memory making.  In an effort to be in the MOMENT more I’ve chosen to cut-back the time I spend snapping pics on my iPhone, updating statuses on social media, and even texting.  I am going to spend more face-time with my family […]

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A “Whale” of a Sneak Peek…

Here’s a design I just finished and submitted as my second last assignment in a portfolio bootcamp that I am taking through a fabulous art agent, Lila Rogers, called Make Art That Sells. My design may not seem like much, a few shapes, an image or two, some text, complimentary colours and BOOM – a […]

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Creative Women Series – Melanie, Lil Addiction

I’m thrilled to be sharing stories of inspiration here on l.i.d and am excited to introduce you to Melaine!  Melanie and I connected last year and have had some great conversations about life in general and sharing common appreciate for family life and creative freedom.  Her jewelry is beautiful, and is all design and hand […]

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Summer Bucket List 2014 – Free Printable!

It’s that time of year once again. The kids have spring fever. I am tired of packing lunches. The sun is shining. All that’s on our minds are year-end activities and how many more school days are left until summer break. We’re close.  Very close.  Close to sleeping in. Lazy summer days. Nothing but time […]

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Forgive me Father ….

… it has been about 4 weeks since my last update! 4 weeks of banging, sawing, men through my 50+ year old home and dust so thick we began to write messages to one-another on the furniture using nothing but our finger and dust!! I’ve finally come out from under the chaos that construction brings […]

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