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30 day sketchbook challenge 2014!!!

30 sketchbook challenge

We’re starting off 2014 on a creativity high with the

30 day sketchbook challenge!!!

The summer of 2013 was the first 30 day challenge here at l.i.d! Even though it was summer break, and we were on our annual family vacation and had limited internet access, I managed to sketch, colour, paint and share daily here on l.i.d. and via social media.

I wasn’t alone on that challenge, I had a few amazingly talented people join along, who shared their creativity, who offered encouragement to one another and who inspired me to post daily!!  To see my 30 days of sketches and a link to a few of these fabulous people, click here.

Now with the holiday rush coming to a close and with a start of a new year

what better way to open 2014 than with a new challenge!?!!

30 sketchbook challenge

I invite you to join in the next the 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge!

Here are the rules!

1. There are no RULEs!!

2. WHO? Anyone can join.

3. WHAT? Each day you will; draw, sketch, paint and share, using the tools, medium, and technology of your choice!!!  Pick up a pencil, paint brush, stylus and/or your Wacom tablet.  Draw words, geometric shapes, doodles or even mini works of art!! Be free, play and don’t limit yourself!!

4. WHERE? Post your work of art daily on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even on your blog using the hashtag #30sketch.

5. WHEN? We begin New Year’s Day.  Hangover or not. Traveling or not. We start then.  What if you miss a day?! Who cares?!! No-one.  My goal was to not miss a day, but life happens and this is a fun, creative, experience to encourage you to take time daily to play.  That’s it!

6. WHY? Creativity inspires- period!! Creativity inspires thought, emotion, ideas, and pushes you out of your box!!


If so,

a) make sure to follow me here on the blog,

b) Comment on this post with your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account.  My preference is Instagram as that’s where I hang-out online most!! I want to follow you and keep up with what you are creating! Tag me too so I don’t miss a thing!!

c) Share this post and encourage others to do it with you.

d) Grab this graphic to post on your own site or blog if you have one.

graphic for 30-14

Lastly, crack open a fresh sketchbook, sharpen your pencil, dust off your tablet and create, draw, sketch and play!!

I’m looking forward to a huge surge of creativity and inspiration to kick off 2014!!



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13 thoughts on “30 day sketchbook challenge 2014!!!

  1. […] absolutely loving this initiative for January to get the creative juices flowing. Visit Life I Design for full details about the 30 […]

  2. love this idea!
    my art loving 5th grader would like to participate, is that ok?
    her instagram is linneac123

    1. I’d love to have her join us! I’ll follow her along on Instagram! looking forward to her sketches.

  3. Hello! I’d love to do this, but I’m only just now starting on Instagram. My FB is here:

    1. looking forward to enjoying your sketches Amanda!!

  4. Awesome idea!
    January is going to be really crazy for me but if you do this again, I’ll be difinitelly in! It sound great! xxx

    1. We’ll most likely start another round in June/July. I hope you can join us then Lucia!

  5. Hi Nicki, Thanks for your open invitation to participate in the sketchbook challenge :) I’d like to give it a go but I’m a techno dinosaur and am bogged down by not knowing some of the things that you require. I’m hoping you can help! First, I do have a (rather dormant) Facebook personal page and a business page, but don’t have a clue how to “tag” you. Next, I don’t know how to “grab a graphic”. Urghhh! I’ll try to find out how to join and navigate Instagram. I’ll be grateful for any help you can send my way! Best, Jeanne

    1. Hi Jeanne, give it a go and if you can’t post your sketches to share, then no worries. The goal is to be more creative daily and to make the time to pick up the medium of choice to express that creativity. If you have an iPhone, instagram is fairly easy and better yet, if you can get a teenager to help you out, they can get you started. :) Keep me posted on how you are doing and if you are able to connect online at all. Happy sketching!!

  6. Ok, I will give this a try! I can not guarantee that I will be able to do it every day but I will definitely give it all I’ve got! : )

    Instagram: mayabki
    Twitter: mayabki

    This is very exciting! Can’t wait to start! : )

    1. So glad you are joining us Maya! Do it as often as you can and just have fun with it. If you miss a day, no biggie. I’ll connect with you on social media and send me your email address so that I can add you to our community Pinterest page.

  7. A great way to start off the new year!
    Count me in :)!

    twitter – @justrandomangie
    instagram – justrandomangie

    1. Thanks for joining us Angie! It’ll be fun. I’ll find you on Twitter and Instagram. If you send me your email address, I can add you to our community pinterest page.

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