30 Day Instagram Challenge!

Inktober is done and I am HAPPY that it is!

I had fun joining in and every year I love looking back at my sketchbook to see what I inked.  This year was a little different for me because I challenged myself to ink a letter of the alphabet each day. 

It started off great! I lettered and researched and lettered some more.  But somewhere along the way (I think it was F), I got bored and wanted to work on something else.

Pretty hand lettering calligraphy.  Letter F by Nicki Traikos, lifeidesign.com

I did take time off from the alphabet here and there and inked a few quotes and flowers,

Cool hand lettered illustrated quote on wolf by Nicki Traikos, lifeidesign.com

but I wanted to stick to my challenge and get through to the end of the alphabet.  What I realized at the end is that this practice has improved my lettering and drawing skills.  I have more styles at my fingertips as I draw from memory and looking through this last sketchbook, I feel kinda proud.  Have a look at the gallery here to take a look at my Inktober inks!

So I thought it would be great to move on to lettering words and to keep up with the daily practice.  I brainstormed a bit and came up with the idea of lettering positively charged words and playing around with them during the month of November!

I'd love to have company with this month-long challenge.  Please join me as we illustration, draw and even just simply write a word a day from the list for the month of November.  If you have a look at the list, you'll notice that it consists of words that are positive emotions or feelings.  

Even if you don't feel like you are artistic enough, or talented enough!  I suggest reading the word of the day first and take a moment to see how that word makes you feel.  Then play, write, doodle and get creative with the letter forms, the word itself, and pay attention to the emotions it stirs in you when you write the word over and over again.  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at your reaction. 

Print out the list here and keep it by your computer, sketchbook or pad of paper!!

Print out the list here and keep it by your computer, sketchbook or pad of paper!!

Also, follow me along on Instagram and Facebook and be sure to tag @lifeidesign so I can see and share what you are creating!  Don't forget to tag your photo #lidlettering so everyone can follow along too!!  Which means, invite a friend and have them join you as well!

I'm excited to get started tomorrow morning and play around with the word AFFECTION!

Happy November!!