A Timely Affirmation this Week.

This affirmation is a very timely one for me.  I originally chose this affirmation from an old list I found while cleaning out my desk.  Re-discovering it, reminded me to truly live my life from a place of passion and purpose.  I designed the graphic, printed my final draft and added it to a recent mood board, and was instantly filled with excitement for the days ahead as my creativity was ignited!

Little did I know that I designed the graphic for this affirmation the day before learning that a good friend of ours passed suddenly from a heart attack at the age of 48.  This heart breaking moment, changed the meaning of this week's affirmation for me entirely.  

Today, I chose to live each day with passion and purpose because in a moment -  life changes, ends, and takes sharp turns - which no-one can predict.  

Rather than living life with the mindset that;  

tomorrow I'll make that phone call,

tomorrow I'll pop in to visit that friend,

or tomorrow I will do what I love to do...

I am reminded that;

TODAY, I will hug my child, my husband, my Mom, my..

TODAY I will do what makes my heart skip,

TODAY I will live with passion and purpose, and every day I will be thankful.

To print a copy of this affirmation, click on this link - Passion & Purpose PDF, save it, print it or add it to your wallpaper.

I hope you use this affirmation in good health, share with the people you love,

and live each day with passion and purpose.

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