Affirmation for Better Health

As you may have read in my past post a few weeks ago, I am on a doctor supervised detox/cleanse to improve my over all health, so this week's affirmation is an

Affirmation for Better Health

Affirmations for better health 2

For the last few years I've complained about the same things; I have low energy and I am tired all the time.  I've tried a multitude of things like changing my diet, using supplements and even meditation.  Yes, we are a busy young family, yes everyone knows as you grow older your energy is not the same, but I was waking up with low energy and no I wasn't going to just accept it.    

I eat right.

I exercise.

I get 8 hours sleep,

and I'm still tired all the time.

Frustrated with my General Practitioner, I sought out the help of a naturopath.  I don't know what took me so long to see a naturopath, but I'm glad I finally did.  With a simple visit, a prick of my index finger to draw a drop of blood, and a Q&A filled out by me, she determined a number of things that I need to cleanse, balance and boost!

I am on week 6 of a simple diet restriction and week 3 of a strict, supplement enhanced, detox and I have to say that I finally feel normal again.  I awake with energy, I last throughout the day and into the evening with steady energy.  I feel lighter (5 pounds lighter in fact), experience no more brain fog, and even my mood is better!  

Awesome right?!

I honestly feel that "each day I am becoming healthier, more fit and every cell in my body radiates health!"

Affirmations for better health close upI couldn't help but post this week's affirmation for better health on my mood board and share it with you all.

After all, we should always feel healthier, more fit and radiant!

You know the drill, download the PDF here and

print out the affirmation or save it on your computer, repeat it as often as possible and as you do, imagine that your body is healthy, fit and radiant!

Affirmation for better health