Affirmation to Help With Back Pain

Is it just me, or is there a back pain epidemic?!

If we are friends on Facebook, you already know that my husband tweaked his back last week and has been in awful pain ever since.  He is on the mend, however, it's been a slow process.

My mother has also been suffering from immense back pain for about 10 months now and we have been to see doctors of all sorts, and are avoiding surgery if possible.  I've had numerous conversations, with many different people about back pain.  It seems as though, if the person I am speaking to is not suffering from back pain, then they have a very close family member who is, has and continues to suffer.  Myself included!

I feel like there's an epidemic!

Being spiritual and open to ideas of chakras, energy work and affirmations, brought me to a book that I discovered years ago by the wonderful Louise Hay entitled You Can Heal Your Life.  

affirmation for back painLouise breaks down each part of the back that is causing discomfort and has an affirmation to help lower, middle and upper back pain.  The root chakra (at the base of the tailbone) needs the most support and grounding in order to help support the entire back and feed energy through the other chakras. Hence, the need to be supported, grounded, and felt that all of our needs are taken care of.

For this affirmation post, I copied Louise Hay's affirmations for all parts of the back in hopes of full support and to bring positive flow to the entire back area.  

back pain affirmationAlong with repeating this affirmation daily, I tend to reach for my crystals to help energize all the chakras and aid in full healing and better overall health!

louise hay back painClick on the link here {affirmation for back} for the PDF and download it to your computer.  Save it as your wallpaper and be reminded throughout the day to send positive healing energy to your back as often as you can.

screen saver for back painOr simply print out a copy and put it somewhere for you to always be reminded that you are supported and your needs are always taken care of.

If you know someone who is suffering from back pain, firstly, I'm sorry as I know it's not easy, and secondly, please pass on this affirmation and encourage them to be assured that they are supported.



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