An Affirmation to Help you Receive the Powerful Benefits from a Simple Compliment

It's no secret that I am most inspired by my kids.

From the moment they were born, I instantly began experiencing life from their eyes.  Over the last few weeks, we have been in situations where my kids have been in conversations with adults, and have been the benefactors of some pretty nice compliments.  As I watch my children receive a compliment, I observe their body posture, facial expressions, and their gracious "thank-you's", it made me realize the power of a simple compliment.  

It made me think about how lucky they are to be often complimented, but it made me also think about how great it is that they know how to receive a compliment.  I think many people may shy away from a compliment, and not know how to react, or sometimes how to even give a compliment.  I interpret that as shying away from the blessings and beauty that are rightfully theirs to enjoy and grow from!

Over and over again, it made me think about all of the times that I'd received a compliment and how it made me feel.  


I went on to think about how I felt when I gave a compliment, and what it did to the person on the other end receiving a compliment.  How often do we go through the day wanting to be acknowledged by a loved one, a colleague, a friend??...

What I drew from all of this was, whether we give or receive a compliment, either is very powerful.  

{If you're still reading, warning, it gets deeper - I suggest a re-fill on that cup of coffee and if you are staying with me - thank you -  here's the beautiful part}

open to compliments

The power of a compliment opens you up to a higher energy level, allowing more positivity to flow in abundance from you, but also to you.  

Whether you are giving or receiving a compliment,

  • your body relaxes,
  • your mood shifts,
  • your outlook changes slightly

  This happens when you receive a compliment, but it also happens when you give a compliment!! Have you ever really took notice of how YOU felt the last time you complimented someone?!  It felt great I bet!  Think about how powerful that is.  

By simply sharing with someone, {genuinely of course}, something as simple as a compliment, you shift everyone's energy levels!  What an easy way to get out of a funk, or to help someone who is having a bad day!?  Or even help ease an uncomfortable conversation.

Try it!! Give someone a simple compliment today.  Be genuine about it.  Express it.  Observe.  And let me know how it feels.

Now I know that there are some people who don't receive compliments nearly as much as they should.  I know sometimes it may feel uncomfortable for some of you to hear a compliment.   That all can change easily.  That's why this week's affirmation is one that I wrote to help you give and receive compliments in abundance, and with ease.

compliments Simply save this image or print a copy and keep it close by.  Share it with your kids, your family, and use it to remind you of the power of a simple compliment!

Cheers to opening yourself up, shifting energy, and creating a more positive flow!