Affirmation Monday in Your Mailbox

I am really excited to launch life i design's

Affirmation Mondays in Your Mailbox!

Over the past year or so, I've adopted a few new practices that have created huge shifts in my life.

These new practices are from a spiritual frame, where through the practice of meditation and using affirmations or mantras, I have successfully enhanced an area of my life that I want to shift, create change, or grow.

Have a look at this quick video that I made...

Through the practice of affirming the "willingness to change", I designed, built and launched life i design!  Something I've wanted to do for some time but never had the courage or ability to so - until now!  But more importantly, it empowered me to design the life that I want, instead of living the life of necessity.  

Make sense?

This first, very powerful affirmation {which has become a mantra in my life} is the first one that I have chosen to share with you to launch... 

Affirmation Monday in your Mailbox.

I am willing to change affirmation

{right click and save the photo image to your computer}

This affirmation "I am willing to change", is a very powerful one that Louise L. Hay introduces in her book, You Can Heal Your Life.  A must read for anyone who is open to creating shifts in their life!

My suggestions to you are to:

Save the image and make it your wallpaper;

Save it to your mobile phone and use it as your wallpaper as well;

or do what I do, print it and put it in a photo frame where you can always see it like this one on my desk at home;

Affirmation Mondays in Your Mailbox

But that is not all.  You must repeat the affirmation often {Louise suggests 30, 40, 50 times a day} and if possible repeat it while looking at yourself in the mirror.  Repeat it to yourself silently, out loud, just repeat it over and over and as often as you can.

I also took her suggestion of holding my throat while saying it.  Doing so activates your throat Chakra {I'll get into Chakras more in another post}.

Your throat Chakra is where your self expression, communication and creativity lies.

It's a good one to activate.

So remember to have the affirmation in places visible to you throughout the day, repeat them often, and watch for shifts to happen in your daily life.

Please share with me what you experience and how you feel, I am so excited for you to create shifts in your life!

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