Affirmations in your email box every Monday morning!

Receive affirmations in your email box every Monday morning!

Do you practice using affirmations or mantras in your everyday life?!

To some of you, this concept is very foreign.  Even silly perhaps. But did you know...

for years, and years affirmations have been used by

professional athletes, business people, monks and in field of psychology?!

In every case, affirmations are used to train minds?!

How? Create a set of beliefs that you want to live by and affirm them daily.  You will not only create strong beliefs but also major shifts in your life!

Using affirmations successfully is based on the number of repetitions and the level of commitment to the process of repeating over and over you personal mantra, affirmation, or statement.  Call it what you will.  But whatever it is that you would like to change, improve on, or grow through can be accomplished by repeating an affirmation.

Affirmations are something that I've recently started introducing into my daily practice.  And practice is the key word here.  Affirmations should be repeated often.  The more often, the better!  For those of you who need a number, try 30, 40, 50 times a day.

To create change quickly, look at yourself in the mirror.  Stare straight into your own eyes.  Empower yourself, and repeat your mind altering affirmation.

I believe in using affirmations so strongly, and am encouraging everyone to try them, so much so, I will email you a weekly affirmation each Monday morning.  One that is inspiring, uplifting, that will help with altering a truth in your life, or improve an area of yourself.

Each week, the affirmation will be themed. We'll work on love, abundance, health, joy, weight loss, self esteem...

It will be available as a PDF for you to download it onto your computer and save it on your desktop, or on your smart phone, or even print it off and have it handy for your to look at all day long to remind you to repeat it!

One of my first and favorite affirmation is my the wonderful Louise L. Hay

I have chosen to print and frame my affirmations and have it sit next to my computer on my desk where I will see it often and be reminded to repeat it!

I've chosen this affirmation my Louise Hay as my first affirmation to share, because this affirmation {I am willing to change} has created many shifts in my life recently which all have lead to new experiences  opportunities and growth.  I also feel that this particular affirmation can be used for any area of your life that you want to shift energy and make improvement in.

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