Amazing Green Herb Pesto!

This Amazing Green Herb Pesto has to be my fav new pesto recipe! 

Amazing Green Herb Pesto

It's light. Aromatic. Full of fresh flavour and will easily perk up any boring, every day sandwich!

Originally posted here Green Goddess, after discovering her recipe, I was inspired to perk up my avocado sammi this fresh pesto.

Ingredients for Green Herb Pesto

For the recipe, you'll need...

a clove of garlic

half a shallot

a few anchovies {in oil}

half a lemon

a bit of chives and some tarragon

a handful of kale and italian parsley

a half a handful or so, of pine nuts

about 1/4 cup of really good olive oil {and more depending on how loose you like your pesto}

a pinch of salt and pepper

chop anchovies, shallot, and garlic

chop kale, tarragon and italian parsley

begin by mashing up onions, garlic, anchovies and pine nuts in your handy food processor

add all the greens and don't worry if the mix doesn't incorporate well just yet

add your salt & pepper & lemon juice.  As your food processor is working, slowly incorporate the olive oil.

I like pesto that's a little more "loose", so I added another 1/8 cup of olive oil.  You can't go wrong here.

My daughter and I test it on yummy sourdough sesame bread and added a hunk of goat cheese.  It tasted even better an hour after it chilled in the fridge.

I can't wait to try it on my grilled avocado and cheese sandwich tomorrow!