An Affirmation to Improve Confidence to Make Changes.

Don't have the confidence to change? or to make a life decision?

This affirmation is meant to improve your confidence to make changes in your life!

Over the last 6 months or so, I have jumped - with two feet - into new situations.  I've put myself into situations where I have little experience and have a huge learning curve ahead of me.  Where success wasn't guaranteed.  Where I made some huge changes in my life. I wouldn't be writing this blog post if I didn't have the confidence to make some changes in my life.

What I know now, is that if I didn't have the courage to make those changes...  if I wasn't confidant that things would be just fine, I'd never have had the courage to try.  Things may not always work out exactly as planned and I think in some cases that's a good thing.  But if you don't have the
confidence to kick a habit, try something new, or improve your life - you never get to experience the thrill of doing all of those things and more.

So here is this week's affirmation!

May it inspire the confidence in you, to easily adjust yourself into new situations and help you jump {with two feet}, and not look back! Change is good, it's just different, that's all.

Here is the PDF.  Save it on your phone like I did here, or save it as your wallpaper on your desktop, or print it and frame it and keep at your desk! Remember to repeat your affirmation often, every day, and feel your confidence build. 

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Cheers to embracing change and having the confidence to do so easily!