An Art Show to Remember!

This April marked the 6th Annual Emerging Art Group Exhibition at the McKay Art Centre in Unionville.  It's an annual group art exhibition where local art students of the very talented art teacher, Judith Livingston, have the opportunity to display a piece or two of their work!  A little nerve racking but an exciting opportunity.  This was my second year participating however, it was my first time acting as Chair.  Talk about an experience!! I am happy to share that it was a great success and have survived Chairing my first {and maybe last - whew!} art exhibit.

I thought I'd share some of my favourite shots from the show!

The McKay Art Centre is an old heritage home on the Main Street that is now used as an art gallery.   How beautiful is this door with a crank door bell?!!


The McKay was once a home where Mr. Varley himself, {a member of the group of seven} painted and lived! It's a fabulous setting and on any given weekend, there's sure to be a new art exhibit to enjoy.

kathleen varley

The conservatory is my favourite part of the gallery.  I can just imagine painting and creating in this beautiful and charming room!


Hanging the pieces is an art-form in itself!  Having to consider the size, colours, composition - makes for a very experimental process but one that started to fill the empty spaces of the gallery with beautiful imagery and colour!  Luckily we have Judy and her husband's help that day as it takes a trained eye to bring a coherent flow to how the pieces are displayed.


Unwrapping each piece was one of my most favourite experiences of the show.  To see all of the amazing works of art by people who just love to create was a gift.  If you ever have the chance to visit a group art exhibit, I suggest you do so.  It's the perfect opportunity to enjoy a great range of mediums, techniques and styles. 

hanging art

The range at this show varied from; watercolour, to acrylic and mixed-media.  This gallery wall is a great example of the range of mediums and pieces.


Here is one of my favourite pieces - a watercolour painted by one of the show's committee members Cory Cass.  The detail is beautiful and is a painting within a painting.


Below is one of my pieces.  A mixed media from a series I created called Through The Trees.  This one sold at the show, but I do have a few that are very similar in the shop.


With the pieces carefully hung, a place for the little ones to colour and create, we were all set for our opening reception!


The gallery was packed that entire evening and the 5 day show was a success!  5 pieces sold, artist greeting cards flew out the door and visitors voted on their favourite piece of art.


I am proud to share the my piece, 'Knight Owl' was voted most favourite art piece this year.

He was NSF and now watches over my hubs in his office.

knightowlA great success, but I'm secretly glad it's done.

Well... not to secret anymore!

P.S. Next week's post Daily Notes, free download and printable.  It has an amazingly inspiring quote by Picasso himself!