Calligraphy Art app - a great way to start practicing!

Get your fingers working using the Calligraphy Art app

I've loved calligraphy since I was a child.  I would test new fountain pens and write words using as many flourishes as I could fit in.  I would zip through paper and journals until I ran out of ink or things to write on.  

Calligraphy has long been a practiced. And there are various reasons why one must learn calligraphy, as per The Postman Knock. Among the many reasons are its psychological benefits, as it was found to be highly therapeutic as well as improving one’s creativity.

Another reason is its inexpensiveness. A starter kit with high-quality material will only cost $25. Currently, there are also less costly calligraphy apps that can help one practice before they even invest in an expensive kit. 

Smartphones with their easy access to the Internet help users peruse through endless streams of information regarding art. In fact, mobile devices have been proven to be the most common computing platform used by the consumer (60%) nowadays surpassing the popularity of desktop computers, according to Gaming Realms, the developer of entertainment portal, Spin Genie. With their wide screens and HD apps, it can be a great starting point for those planning to practice their calligraphy or even for experts who want a fresh perspective on the art form. 

I will always reach for paper and pen first, but I also enjoy using my iPad periodically to sketch, illustrate or write with.  Among the many apps available is the Calligraphy Art app, which is an impressive iPad app that allows the user to make their own beautiful artworks. Developed by Nguten Tan Hon-Hu, this app only costs $2.99, which is still a far cry from the price of the starting kits and less expensive than attending calligraphy classes. 

How to learn calligraphy app featured on life i design.  Tips to learning hand lettering.

The app comes with plenty of educational resources helpful to beginners in learning and practicing the art. Its roster of digital pens also helps replicate the strokes of a real pen with options on angles, thickness, and color similarity. Calligraphy Art also comes with font styles (from Western to Asian) with great details to further develop your skills.

How to learn calligraphy app featured on life i design.  Tips to learning hand lettering.

One can start by following the letter writing with outlines before going to freehand.

How to learn calligraphy app featured on life i design.  Tips to learning hand lettering.

Based on its official app page, here are its main features:

• 21 Western hands

• 3 Chinese writing styles

• 16 ink pens, 4 brushes

• 24 pre-selected pen angles

• 9 pen sizes

• 12 old style backgrounds

• 1 flourish tutorial

Today, calligraphy is used in various documents, especially in wedding and christening invitations. Some businesses have also incorporated Calligraphy into their logos. With Calligraphy Art, you can get started on learning the right strokes today and enjoy this wonderful art form in the comfort of your own home.

Let me know if you try the app and what your experience is with it!

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