Daily Notes with an Affirmation for more time

If you've been following l.i.d. for a while, you know that I practice what I preach with using affirmations in my everyday life, and that I share them here. I try to create pleasing designs so that you save them, print them, use them and have them help you create shifts in your own life.

You'll also know that I like to create free printables {like these ones here} to help you stay stylishly organized!  After all, if we have to do something like make a to-do list, might as well use a sheet of paper that is pretty and inspiring right?!

Soooooo, this morning I had a few a-ha moments.

First off, I realized again, that there just isn't enough time in the day to do everything that I want to do.  Being a busy mom of 2 takes priority always.  Then there's the my art, my online shop, cooking, laundry, shopping, and there doesn't seem to be much time or energy left for fun!

Secondly, I wanted a new affirmation this morning to help me create more time and space in my day today.  This came to me as I was writing my to-do list on the last printable that I shared here.

Then it hit me!

Why not share the latest affirmation in a form that is still stylish but also functional!?!

Voila!affirmation notes for more time

My newest affirmation - as a printable that you can use to jot down your thoughts, to-dos, groceries or what to pack on your next sunny vacation. wink. wink.

I've repeated this affirmation quite a few times already today.  What I realized instantly, is that I felt like I could do everything that I WANT to do today.  Repeating it created a positive mind-set almost immediately for me.  

free printable to-do list

After all, I just crossed off two things from my to-do list,

1) post a new affirmation, 2) write a new blog post!


Simply right click here and download and save the file, print on whatever paper you chose and affirm and organize your day!!

affirmation daily notes printableBefore I go.

I thought that it's not fair to show you the "staged" photos that I took and not give you a sneak peek at how much stuff is on my desk at any given time. So here is what my desk looks like at any given moment.

nicki's deskNow that I look at the photo, I realize it's not that bad today.  I'm currently juggling an assignment for my Make Art That Sells bootcamp, my second round of B-School with Marie Forleo, planning new products for the art shop and some updates that I want to design for l.i.d. aaaaaand, it's March Break and I've just made scones and tea and enjoyed some quiet time with my kids.  

...i have all the time I need to achieve what I want to do every day... i have all the time I need to achieve what I want to do every day ....i have all the time I need to achieve what I want to do every day...

What are you hoping to achieve today?!

Nicki xo

p.s. {if you love these printables, please share them!!}