My Doodle on the Beach and Vacation-A-Ha Moment!

Doodling on the beach can really help put life into perspective. It wasn't until I uploaded my vacation photos that I had my big vacation-A-HA moment.

I think I can speak for most everyone when I say that "I am sick of winter, the cold, snow, snow boots, heavy coats, colds, and did I mention snow?!"  We really are affected by our environment in so many ways, especially about how we FEEL.  After too many days and weeks of not feeling good and frustrated with life's challenges, an escape to Mexico earlier this month allowed my family and I a little rest, time in the sun, and a beautiful setting to re-connect, rejuvenate and drink lots of Pina Coladas.  Spiked or otherwise.

Here are some of the photos from our trip to help put you in a positive mood - to help you feel GOOD, and to help illustrate my big aha-moment and doodle on the beach {that makes me chuckle every time I type it}.  These photos are intended to put you in a relaxed, happy state while I share my story.  So take a few minutes here as I try and re-create how I FELT with you in the hopes that you can relate.

emerald beach mazatlanImagine the sun shining, palm trees, beach, ocean waves and a beautiful breeze.  Your biggest concern is which lounger to relax on....

palm tree You find the perfect tree to sit under and when you are reclined and ready to exhale, you look up to this beautiful blue sky!  To the right of you, more palm trees, blue skies, and sun... and to the left of you, more of the same.

Exhale and breath in deeply.

These pics may look like ones you have in your own database of vacation photos and maybe they help you remember your own vacation when you were relaxed, happy and FELT really, really good.   How often do you open up that folder on your desktop and really have a long look at your photos.  Taking a few moments to remember how you felt, what made you happy, who you shared it with?

 Moments when you felt really GRATEFUL to be away with the people you love, or to be able to rest under a palm tree and be still, or walk a beach that looks like this one where every step offers you a treasure from the sea in the form of a beautiful sea shell.  I bet you don't look at them often enough. I know I don't.

emerald bay beach mazatlan mexicoLet's continue on.

Perhaps you enjoyed a sunset or two like this one where you stood in awe of how quickly the horizon changed colour and your biggest worry was not blinking in fear of missing the magnificence of the sky as it changes so quickly...

mazatlan mexico sunsetlike this photo taken seconds after the first.

Mazatlan mexico sunset

Or perhaps your child takes the camera and snaps photos of the beautiful sunset but without realizing it, she snaps one of you and captures the awe and gratitude that you are feeling in that exact moment, for the beauty of nature that surrounds you.

life i design, mexicoOr perhaps you photographed a moment like the one below of your husband and 10 year old daughter who are swept away in a parachute as they are taken for the ride of their life!! Sailing higher than your 25 story hotel and flying off, above the ocean until they are literally a dot in the blue sky!

parasailing mazatlan mexicoOr perhaps you joined in on a beach volleyball game with your teenage son, redeeming yourself because you proved to him that after 30 years you could still bump, serve and volley like the rest of them!

beach volleyballOr maybe you even got the nerve to go eye-to-eye with a lizard...

mazatlan mexico{I'm pretty proud of this shot...}

When we snapped these photos, over the course of the week, I didn't really understand how important each moment was and most importantly how significant it was to FEEL all of those emotions, again and again, until I downloaded the pics into my computer when we got home.

What we all want is to feel... good.  Warm.  Happy.  Excited.  More often that not.  But we can't always escape to Mexico to help us feel that way!  That's why it's so important to surround yourself with inspiration.  Looking through your vacation photos often, is a great start! Hanging art that makes you feel something, is another.  Re-decorating a room by simply changing the paint colour is something I tend to do.  Sometimes, just decluttering and tidying up your desk will make you feel happy and inspired!

Maybe it's a quote that you print and keep on your desk.  Or a photograph that you frame to remind you of your vacation.  Or it's a bit of both.

Here is where the doodle on the beach comes in,

live the life sketchOf course, I brought my sketch book and pens on vacation with me.  Here is a very quick, casual doodle that I worked on while I lounged on one of those chairs, under a palm tree at the beach.

It wasn't until we got home that I realized that all of those moment I shared is what life and art is all about for me.  It's about having experiences that make me feel good, excited, happy.  Whether it's creating a piece of art, sharing time with my family, or watching my kids laughing as they swim in the ocean together.  Life is about what you imagine and enjoying the best moments you can.  But also imaging and planning what experience you want to have again, and again.  That's what makes you work harder during the not so great moments.  It's what goals are made up of.  It's what drives most people.  But we need reminders to FEEL good more often...

live the life you imagine print So I used one of our vacation photos and create this print for my family.  This vacation was an experience we will not forget but it will also remind us to feel good when things aren't ideal.  To be grateful and remember all the fun and exciting moments and to live the life you imagined!!

live the life you imagine print and sketchThis print isn't available in the shop, however, if it speaks to you, and you'd like a one to hang as a reminder for you, send me a message and I will happily create a special offer for you.

I feel that we should always be inspired by our surroundings whether you are in Mexico on the beach, or you are enjoying good times in your warm and cozy home.  It's what makes the less exciting days a little bit easier to deal with and helps shift us into a more positive up-lifting emotion, leaving us feeling good more often than not!

Thanks for sharing in my A-HA moment and my doodle on the beach!