Forgive me Father ....

... it has been about 4 weeks since my last update!

4 weeks of banging, sawing, men through my 50+ year old home and dust so thick we began to write messages to one-another on the furniture using nothing but our finger and dust!!

I've finally come out from under the chaos that construction brings all the while trying to keep up with my Portfolio building course, preparing designs and inventory to offer up for sale at my first live event - our local Unionville Festival - and the daily activities of kids, homework, meals etc.

If you've been following me on social media, you would have seen glimpses of what's been happening.  Some of you have asked to see pics, soooo... what better way to get you up-to-date than a few fun photos that I took along the way with my iPhone.

First! Check out this hideous wallpaper that was once our "Feature Wall" in the basement!!

retro wallpaper

Next to the old panelling and tiled ceiling - not so bad ....

basement reno before

Now -  my clean, open space to work-out and stretch in!basement after update

This is where all the messy printing use to happen - photo was taken after we moved all the storage boxes, sporting equipment etc...

printing studio space

Now, in that same area, I have a bright, clean space to for my print studio aaaaand behind that door is a walk-in closet for all the winter coats, shoes, sporting goods etc! It's not much, but it's little things that make me really happy - like a light in the closet!!!

print studioand this lovely new bath ( I went with the clear curtains here...) completes the basement space!

bath basement-001

Last but not least, the old bathroom finally comes down.  This was the last reminder that this home of ours once belonged to a lovely old couple...

old basement-001

... and now feels more like us!!! It's one of my most favourite spaces in the house!

updated bathroom

We are still cleaning, organizing and purging but am thankful for peace and quite, and the updated spaces.

Here is why it felt more chaotic than planned, I crammed in time for sketching assignments...

tom ford and rachel zoe

... worked outside of the box for this editorial assignment (which I still haven't completed!!) ...


... I enjoyed a few movie nights with the kids (what better use of the countless boxes from the renos?!) ...

sab in a box-001

As a way to escape, I sporadically drew on this 12 x 9 foot canvas tarp to use as a backdrop for the Unionville Festival ....

doodle tarp

and ... also created new designs for my portfolio  -  which I now realize is my form of meditation!

sketchy flowers nicki traikos

It wasn't hectic all the time though.  I did take time these last 4 weeks, to sit under the trees and enjoy the glimpses of sun, warmth and relaxation!


What have you been up to these last 4 weeks?!!