free wallpaper backgrounds for your iPhone & desktop

Every now and then I push myself out of my comfort zone and often need a little nudge of encouragement when trying something new.  

This month I have designed this wallpaper background as a little nudge to remind you that it's possible to do anything we put our minds to.

free wallpaper backgrounds for your iphone & desktop

Each year I participate in a group art show where I hang my heart on the wall for the public to experience, critique and comment on.  It ends up being a fabulous show for all the artists involved and a great experience for me, but there are always moments of hesitation when I am working on an original piece of art where I think... will people get it?  Is it good enough? Do I even like it? etc.

Here is one of the pieces that I have hung this year, it's a mixed media piece that was inspired by our recent trip to New Orleans.  It's called LaFayette. 

lafayette mixed media by Nicki Traikos

I'm pleased with how it turned out and am excited for others to experience it.  

So here's a  little nudge from me to help remind you that...

you can do anything you want.

Really you can!

Save it to your iPhone, laptop or desktop as little nudges throughout your day.

free wallpaper background by life i design

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