Happy 2nd Birthday to l.i.d and a gift for you!

follow your dreams I've decided to celebrate this milestone with a quote that I hope speaks to you as much as it did to me!

Happy 2nd Birthday to L.I.D!

Where has 2014 disappeared to?!!!

Two years ago I set-out to follow my artistic dreams.  Ultimately, I wanted to create art that touched people.  I wanted people to be able to surround themselves with inspiration, with beauty, with positive energy, with something that speaks to them and with items to share with others.  I knew what I wanted to do, I just wasn't sure how I was going to get there.

Fast forward two years and I am happy to share that I've achieved all of those things and continue to grow in the direction of my initial dream! I have enjoyed many experiences this year and ones that I never could have planned two years ago! It has been a very natural progression - maybe not easy at times - but a journey that I was meant to travel on.

I come across this fabulous quote...

free iphone wallpaperand instantly I knew it was with these words that I want to celebrate l.i.d. and all the experiences I've had these last 2 years!!

I illustrated the quote and created a downloadable PDF as a gift for you!


1. click on this file iphone wallp and save it,

2. email it to yourself,

3. open it on your phone,

4. take a snapshot and set it as your lock screen and,


A gentle reminder to "follow your dreams, they know the way" even if you don't!

dreams wallpaperI hope that 2015 is filled with dreams that take you on wonderful journeys. Thank you for following along with me on mine.

Wish warmest wishes for a fabulous holiday season,

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