An Interview Series: Creative Women on… living a life I design

I'm really excited to share some fun news!

First! I have a story for you.

nicki screen printingI'm participating in my first live event this coming weekend.  It's the Unionville Festival that happens each June in this little town of ours.  I have no idea how much product to bring so I have been creating new products, printing new designs and stocking up on my most popular items!  

During this flurry of printing, my daughter creates this beautiful sketch of a bird and I encourage her to carve a lino and make some prints.  

sab bird printsBeautiful right?!!!

As we spend the morning together, she chatted away with me about art, paper, and colour.  It wasn't until she said something to me about how "lucky I am" that I stopped for a moment to truly "be" in this space with her.  She felt grateful to be able to make these prints with me, and was excited at the outcome of her efforts.  She then went on to tell me how lucky I was and how she never realized how much FUN I have when I "work"!!! 


How lucky am I?! Inspiring my daughter, spending amazing quality time with her, while growing my art, business and working in my own home!

Stories teach, inspire and touch people in many ways. 

When I first began my creative journey back in 2012, I read as many personal stories as I could find.  I searched for stories by imaginative, talented women who were living a life focused on their passion.  I read stories about how they followed their dream of being an artist, of how they lived their passion for writing, or how they left behind a lifestyle that didn’t suit them in the pursuit of their art.

The artistic mediums were all different, however, their stories were parallel and each of them inspired me.  I continued to learn new skills, grow my natural ability to draw and paint and to follow my passion of designing and creating art that would add a little more beauty in the world.  Hence the birth of life I design and it’s continual growth, as I hone and sharpen my creative-self.

I am so lucky and happy to share similar stories with you!


My goal with this interview series is to share inspiring stories from the perspective of these same women who are imaginative, original, inventive and passionate.  To move you.  To stir those in need of stories and inspiration to touch and help motivate you.  

This interview series is meant to share snippets of their story, inspire others to follow their creative path, as well as to entertain us with fun or quirky tid-bits about their ways of creating and living - everyday!

 I really hope you enjoy being introduced to inspiring women!  And if you know of any inspiring and creative women whose story needs to be shared, please email me and I will happily learn more about her!

So stay tuned for our first interview next week and in the meantime, here's a few more behind the scenes photos from our weekend together and also a sneak peek at some new items that I'll be showing on Saturday!! 

Fingers crossed for a sunny day and if you are in the area, stop by and say "hi"! 

Hanging screen printed towels to dry and being photobombed!!

nicki traikos screen print

nicki traikos

New Love to Cook with Wine prints!!  Available in the shop soon!wine art print by life i design

Hand made ring dishes curing.
hand made ring dishes by nicki traikos

Screen printed throw pillow covers (I looooove these)!
screen printed butterfly pillow by life i design

birch tree screen printed pillow by nicki traikos

My pic doesn't do this photo justice, but I mixed a few new ink colours for printing and this one is a really nice grey/blue!Deer Antler silk screen Kitchen Towels

There you have it! A story and a sneak peek!!