It's Launch Day!!!

Wah-hoooooo! What took a leap of faith. A major shift in my "plans" for this year. And learning some new skill... is finally here!!

Welcome to life i design on Launch Day!!

Designed, created and built by these two, fiercely fast, typing hands!!

The past year has been very interesting - to say the least. I truly believe that if you begin to open yourself up to what you are truly passionate about, you will be shown the road to help you live your days doing exactly what you dream of doing. I can honestly say that my path is on the highway at the moment!

Life i design will be headquarters for me as I hope it will be for you too.

Here is where I will share the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly - of life in general, building a home based business, creating the life that you are passionate about living. About health, fitness, art and children. Everything that I balance and juggle on a daily basis! You can read more in the About section here.

Life i design will host giveaways, offer freebies, resources, ebooks, samples and advice - whether it's asked for or not!

Most of all... "At the centre of what I do here is LOVE. What I create is BEAUTY. and most of all, my goal is that it leaves you INSPIRED."

Thank you for joining us on Launch Day! Don't forget to enter our first Giveaway and enjoy the many more to come.

Also, subscribe here so you don't miss out on future giveaways and enjoy recieving our weekly Affirmations in your mailbox! These are the very affirmations that I used to create the life that I design!!

As a way to thank everyone for visiting and as a way to support a really important foundation - I will be donating to Kiva - and helping another woman, on the opposite side of the world to start designing her life the way she chooses. It's an amazing foundation, and one that I urge you to explore also!

Sending you my gratitude for visiting and hoping you do something great today as it's 12-12-12! Something we'll never experience in our lifetime again!