Magic surrounds 2016!

I'm a little late with my New Year post this year.  I haven't set formal resolutions as I normally did in the past. A lot is different so far this year.  I'll share more in the next few blog posts, but for now, let me share with you a little bit about what I experienced over our Christmas break.

Florida sunrise on Christmas.  Put it on your bucket list!

For this first time, this past Christmas, we packed up the kids, the car and drove off to spend the Christmas holidays out of town in hopes of finding a warmer climate, a change of scenery and some much needed family time. 

Two days on the road brought us to a glorious beach in Florida with the ocean at our doorstep and no-where to rush to, but the sand and waves.  It was our first Christmas celebrated in the sun!

no hurries, no worries.  Miamar Beach Florida at Christmas is perfect!

The thing that I love about trips like these is, there's lots of time to just sit back and think.  And read.  And look out to the horizon. And think some more.





We adopted this motto of  "no hurries no worries".




After a rest-filled week at the beach, we drove a few short hours to the amazing city of New Orleans!!

New Orleans for New Year's Eve is a great option for a fun few days away!!
Stay in the French Quarter, in New Orleans.  There is so much to do and see!!! You'll fall in love.

This portion of our trip is where I downloaded inspiration through the beautiful sites, sounds, food and energy of the people.  If you've never travelled to New Orleans, I highly recommend it.  I'll share more photos from this trip in another post because it deserves to be put in the spotlight.  

Lots of fabulous entertainment on the streets of New Orleans.  Wanderlusters beware, you'll leave a piece of your heart there!

NOLO is a town filled with lots of character, personality, music, art, culture, food, people and some real-life-woo-woo magic!!!  You've got to experience it yourself to understand what I mean.  Here is where we celebrated New Year's eve - on the streets. In the French Quarter. Soaking up the ambience.  The Energy.  The celebration of a new year!!  I felt a charge, a burst of energy and lots of inspiration for 2016! It was simply MAGIC!

On New Year's day we loaded up the car once again and began our two day drive home - which was an interesting experience for me.  I simply  stared out the window and felt gratitude for the time with my family, for the safety of our car, for the ability to drive cross country to places we've never visited, for my freedom, for my business, creativity, self expression and the list goes on.

I realized a few things on this long ride home; I missed writing and sharing more heart-felt, open and real-life posts here on life i design.  I miss the feeling I have on vacation (it seems to escape me the moment we arrive home when reality and responsibility sinks in).  It's kind of a light, magical feeling - that the world is vast and the sky's the limit.  I also miss the comfort of my own bed, pillow and clean sheets!! I think my O.C.D. is getting worse the older I get!! 

What truly stuck with me is that 2016 has been magically charged and will be filled with more posts from the heart, more art than I've ever created before and hopefully many more great experiences to fuel that magical feeling!!

I'm going to attempt to share this energy by creating fun, inspiring worksheets to help you feel and set intentions for 2016!! Forget goals and actions, blah, blah, blah.  Instead, I'm hoping to inspire you to dig a little, figure out how you want to feel and what you want to experience and let a little magic guide you along the way!

Sound good?!

Cheers to a fabulous 2016 !!! (better late than never ;)