My failed DIY...

Ever watch somebody do something and they make it look soooo easy?!!  So easy in fact, that you convince yourself to give it a try because you ask yourself, "How hard could it really be?!?".

Well, as we are in the process of preparing for home renovations, we have been sorting and purging through various boxes stored in the basement and I found my box of knitting needles and yarn.  We were in the middle of a deep freeze and my kiddies were home sick from school, so I thought I would use the yarn and make a few scarves rather than pack up the box once again so that it sits unused or for "one day" to come.


I am publicly admitting -  I cannot knit.  Well, I can knit, just not well. I knitted a few scarves in the past.  Taught myself how by watching Youtube videos. But haven't picked up my knitting needles in about 5 years.

So... I watched a video or two on Youtube and one girl made it look so easy!!  Knit 2, pearl 2.  Click. Click. Click goes her needles and fast forward about 9 minutes and she has a beautiful cowl wrapped around her neck that looked cozy as heck!!


Not really.

IMG_3134Not too bad right?!  The uneven stitches are a product of my lack of patience.  See, what I learned from this knitting experience is that I'm an impatient creative.  I like immediate results.  I draw something, the finished image is done.  I print something, the final piece is ready to hang-dry.  I knit, I knit, I knit and it seems like that darn ball of yarn will never end!!!

It's the same when I read a novel.  I cannot just read a few pages and put it down for the next day.  I want closure.  I want to know who did it.  Do they get back together.  Does she find out who her real mother is.

I mean when you watch a movie, you don't stop it after 20 minutes and start it up again the next day -  right?!

So that's what knitting was like for me.

I wanted it finished in an hour.  Done.  Cowl complete and around my neck keeping me cozy.

So here is the result of my lack of knitting skill and patience.

IMG_3137Yes! Those are holes! There are holes everywhere.  Uneven stitches.  It really was a cuddly ball of mess!

And I ran out of yarn right when I was casting off and look at what I had to do!!

IMG_3139Bad right?

There's no way I can even try to hide that.

So I sewed the ends together and although I may wear it tucked into my winter coat, this cowl will not be seen in public.  I'll reserve it for cozy days in, during this arctic vortex we are experiencing!


Talk about a DIY that went wrong but taught me a lot about myself.

Have you ever tried a DIY and failed horribly with it?!

Share with me, I'd like to hear about it!