An Open Journal on l.i.d.

If you've been following my story here on l.i.d. you'll have been experiencing the evolution of this blog, my art and a bit of my personal life.  With every journey, there is a new road to turn onto, a new sight to see and a beautiful experience that unfolds naturally. I've recently turned down yet another new road and have become clearer with how I want to share my experience here on this blog.

What I do daily is best shared visually.  My goal on the blog portion of l.i.d.'s website has always been to inspire my readers and share myself authentically.  What I've decided to do going forward is to create an open journal of work in progress, my thought process, what I've achieved or overcome recently - most of the same kinda stuff that I have been sharing - just with more images and less words.

I will still always create new free printables and downloadable files, offer promo codes for the Art Shop and any other goodie that I have in the works.  But you'll need to subscribe for those.

Subscribers will receive one email, at the end of each month recapping the month here on l.i.d. along with a special offering.  But you need to subscribe for those goodies!

Sooooo, it'll be a bit of a challenge for me, but one that I am ready for! I hope you enjoy this new path and continue along my creative ride with me!

So here is today's Journal Entry
page #1

I begin with a hand lettered quote I wrote over and over again that touched my heart so deeply when I first read it only just a few days ago. Alma Duncan (an inspiring Canadian Artist) articulated perfectly what I've been feeling since my childhood.

Alma Duncan Quote

Google her when you get a chance, some of her pen and ink work is incredible!!

page 2...

Don't let the streaming sunlight fool you.  It was -15 outside when I snapped this shot of my desk.

art print wip

Notice Milo asleep in the top right corner ... in my next life, perhaps I will be as lucky...

page 3 ...

Much of what I am creating these days includes hand lettering.

nicki studio

Sometimes I am surprised myself at how many drafts I create of the same words over and over again until I feel like I've got the right one!

page 4 ...

By the time I am finished with a design, I have spent days agonizing over the size, placement, colour and style.


studio wallThese new designs are for l.i.d. KIDS! If you haven't checked out the new wall art prints for kids, click on over and have a browse...

Thank you for sticking through and experiencing my first journal entry post.  Thank you for your patience and support as I continue to work on the improvements on l.i.d.'s site.

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