Summer Bucket List 2014 - Free Printable!

It's that time of year once again.

The kids have spring fever.

I am tired of packing lunches.

The sun is shining.

All that's on our minds are year-end activities and how many more school days are left until summer break.

We're close.  Very close.  Close to sleeping in. Lazy summer days. Nothing but time on our hands. That'll change - I know.

summer bucket list 2014 Last year we encouraged the kids to make summer bucket lists.  We asked them to get creative.  To write down absolutely anything that they wanted to see, do, try, eat etc.

As I read through their lists, I thought that some were going to be easy to check-off their list - like eat a triple-scoop ice cream, or watch a movie at night in the club-house, or go to the beach and swim in the ocean.  

Then there were ones that I thought were going to be toughies.  Ones that almost... just almost... made me want to prepare them for disappointment.  Ones that I wanted to tell them may not get checked off their lists.  Like cliff diving or spending an entire week with friends.  Then I thought to myself, why not just wait and see how far down our lists we'd get.

bucket list free printable

So we hung our completed lists on the fridge door and began our summer holidays.  Every now and then we'd check the fridge to get ideas as to how to spend our day, to check-off items from our bucket list that we've just done, or to see how many we had left to do!  We even snuck in a few new ones that were too cool not to have on our list!!

By the end of the summer, not only had my kids enjoyed a triple scoop ice-cream, but my son cliff-dove, spent a week with friends and ate a delicacy that was right up there with aligator!!!  That proved to me that anything is possible!  It showed me not to let doubts stand in your way!!! Dream it up and sit back and just see what happens!!

Soooo, this year I thought I'd encourage you to spend a few minutes and fill out a Summer bucket list for 2014!  Why the heck not?!!  You may find yourself on some crazy adventure, indulging on some great new food, with fabulous friends!!!

summer bucket list

My gift to you - a free printable to jot down your bucket list items and hang on your fridge to check-off what you dream up doing this summer.

Go ahead and right click here.  Save the PDF to your computer and print as many copies as you need.

If you're so inclined - share a pic of your summer bucket list items with me on Instagram! If you're not following me, I'm @lifeidesign!

Oh, and if you want to encourage your friends to fill-out a summer bucket list with you, please share this post with them.   Who knows, we may even dream up of a few wonderful things to do and enjoy doing them!!!

Cheers to a fun bucket-list filled summer!!!