This Week's Affirmation Monday - Abundance!

This week's Affirmation Monday

is one that I know everyone will love.

It's all about ABUNDANCE!

This Monday's affirmation is one that will help bring more abundance into your life!

"I am receiving abundance now in expected and unexpected ways"

An abundance of ...

{you fill in the blank}





Designer shoes

....  you pick!

For me, I am looking to increase my revenue over the next few months.  So I am affirming to receiving an abundance of income, revenue, cash flow, money ...

I have a long, long list of things that I want to do and have this year.  Everything from home renos to vacations to a little extra bling for our 25th.  When I found this affirmation, I knew it was perfect for whatever it is that you want more abundance of.  

As per usual, download the PDF for this week's affirmation here.

I've printed mine and added it to my mood board that sits at the edge of my desk.  I've also added it as an image to my phone to remind me to repeat it and feel its abundant vibes.

Let me know what you want more abundance of at the moment.

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