Washington, DC - my way...

Summer vacation is here and so begins our flurry of trips, pics, and memory making.  In an effort to be in the MOMENT more I've chosen to cut-back the time I spend snapping pics on my iPhone, updating statuses on social media, and even texting.  I am going to spend more face-time with my family and friends and less catching-up online.  More picking up the old fashioned telephone and having a proper conversation.  More personal connecting.  I feel like now is the time to dis-connect to re-connect.  Ever feel that way?! I'm kinda just going with the flow and doing what feels good at the moment.  

I have a slew of photos that I was planning on sharing with you from our recent trip to Washington, DC but I've decided to share Washington my way.  Through an artistic eye rather than a tourist's eye.  Sure, I can show you all the photos from famous buildings and monuments that are really amazing to see in person and to be honest, they caught my breath when I first saw them.  But when looking at my photos, what caught my eye were shots that were subtle, and beautiful and from a different perspective perhaps.  

So here are some photos from Washington, DC - my way.  Just photos, no captions.  

Take notice of the shapes, angles and patterns.  There's so much to take in, in that beautiful capitol! I know I'll return one day and spend more time exploring the many museums, buildings and restaurants!

windmills roadtrip

capital hill statue

iron gate washington, dc

iron and birch tree gates

black and white statue

black and white dots art