A "Whale" of a Sneak Peek...

final whale design

Here's a design I just finished and submitted as my second last assignment in a portfolio bootcamp that I am taking through a fabulous art agent, Lila Rogers, called Make Art That Sells.

My design may not seem like much, a few shapes, an image or two, some text, complimentary colours and BOOM - a completed design.

Not so fast....

It's taken me well over a year to learn a little tricky program called Adobe Illustrator and it's equally tricky cousin, Adobe Photoshop.  Not only do I pray, cry and beg for my designs to come out half as nice as everyone else's but I also hope that the pain is soooo much less than the month previous.

I thought I'd take you on a quick visual journey for you to experience first hand, just how many steps and countless hours it takes to design, draw, colour, texturize and complete this final piece of wall art with the hopes that at least one soul (who isn't your loving husband or doting grandmother) will covet it and want to buy it for that perfect spot on their wall!


It all begins with a few old fashioned sketches with pencil and paper in the trusty sketchbook! Our brief was to incorporate boats in bottles or to encompass all things nautical.  We were designing a piece of wall art. My favourite! Once I drew a few of these whales, I was hooked!

After a watercolour, a mixed-media piece and not quite feeling where I was going ...

I thought, hmmmm, let's carve a lino using the whale motif!


Nice right?! I never did use it in my final design but he'll show up at some point I'm sure.

So down I sat with my initial sketches, my trusty scanner and my computer.  The creativity flows and the piece begins to breath life.

A few test designs proves to me that I am on the right track finally and now to tweak and play a bit.


I'm happy with the basic layout, the motifs and playing around with colour but it's missing something ...


Some texture!!! Believe it or not, these ink laden pages are what adds texture to the final design and in my opinion makes it look less flat and much more interesting!


Of course that means back to the computer to work in texture, tweak the boat a bit, the tone of the blue-grey and finally I hit submit with my eyes shut tight, my fingers crossed and with hope that it gets a few likes!

Three weeks and lots of testing later, I've kept a good print of my reminder of the ocean and of just how far my technical skills have come! Check out all the amazing talent as the June gallery went live today!

I hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into this month's creative process!

I hear the ocean calling me.....

final whale design