Who Couldn't Use more Creativity in their Life Anyway?!!

When you think of the word creativity what comes to mind?

Does it make you think of being artistic? Perhaps it makes you think of someone who has the ability to paint beautiful scenery, or sculpt incredible figures, or even someone who is so creative that they draft plans to build tall buildings?!

Creativity is all of those things, but the type of creativity we all are blessed with, is the ability to create ideas.  Thinking out of the box.  Taking a chance.  Trying something new.  Brainstorming. When you do all of these things, guess what ... you are being creative!

This affirmation is designed to bring you an abundance of creativity!

Besides, who couldn't use more creativity in their life anyway?!

creativity affirmation

I'm not sure if you can relate or not, but I sometimes think back at all of the things I didn't try when I was younger.  I had limiting beliefs -  of myself, of my environment, of my resources.  What's changed from then to now?! Knowledge - perhaps. Experience - yes.  But the biggest thing that changed is that I opened myself up to an unlimited source of creativity.  What I mean by that is, I allowed myself to create ideas, plans, action steps etc. and learned to be in the flow of creativity.  I learned to let go of limiting beliefs and learned to solve problems creatively.  

How did I let go of limiting beliefs?! Using affirmations like this one that I designed for you!

Download this week's affirmation and start to inspire and abundant supply of creative energy and ideas!  

creativity affirmation

If you're new to using affirmations or mantras then visit this post here.

Remember to repeat your affirmations often.  Post this affirmation on your fridge, your mirror, your phone or where you work.

I challenge you to share this affirmation with just one person.  One person whom comes to mind right.... now.  Send it to them, go ahead. 

Why?! Chances are, that person who you just thought of, needs an energetic and creative boost!  

Share in the comments below that you shared this week's affirmation with someone and what their reaction was.  I'd love to hear about it.

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