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life i design’s 1st anniversary giveaway!!

Life I design anniversary giveaway

Life I design anniversary giveaway



Like most people, I am shocked that we are in the month of December! Where did 2013 go!!???

When I looked at the calendar last week I realized that this time last year I was getting ready to launch l.i.d. and was anxious about putting myself out there for everyone to see!

On 12-12-12 I pushed the publish button, shared to my few lonely fans on Facebook and prayed that someone would like what I shared.

Fast forward 12 months and I can honestly say I’ve used a few too many F-bombs, cried about not being able to do a simple task in Illustrator, felt elated when a design worked out the way I had hoped or better, and with each comment on this little blog of mine and art shop, I felt my heart swell, my shoulders straighten and my hope grow.

I’m thankful everyday that I can live a life that I design.  From writing and sharing what is authentically me, to creating a piece of art that makes someone’s life a little more beautiful.  It hasn’t all been easy, I can guarantee you of that, but I have felt more gratitude in these last 12 months than I ever have in my entire life.  

So the only way I know how to celebrate this incredible milestone is to say a big thank you to everyone who takes time to read my posts, shop the art shop and comment or send me private messages. You ROCK!!

I’ve gathered 12 little gifts for 1 lucky winner to be announced on 12-12-13!!!

giveaway post image

What’s included in this giveaway you ask?!

1. Chocolate of course!!! 

2. & 3. Fun pack of gum and story book

4. Green tea for those chill moments

5. A pack of 5 assorted blank cards from the shop

6. Handmade clay ring/trinket bowl (this beauty is one of a kind & hand made by moi!)

7. Really nice hand cream for dry these winter months

8. A fun pouch to keep your cha-ching in

9. For those @#$% moments when you just need to feel fresh (they’re a hoot too!!)

 10. A recycled cross-body clutch (very enviro-friendly-conscious)

11. A gold embellished 2014 Daytimer to help you stay on track while you plan a life that you design!

12. And because I can’t live without my many stylus pens, a pack of two!! One for you and one to share – maybe!

Entering is easy!!

Simple subscribe to l.i.d.

then comment below with what is at the top of your Christmas Wish List!

 The top of my Christmas Wish List this year is for 2014 to be a calmer, slower paced year!!

Thank you for your support over this last year and I hope to keep delivering to you interesting posts, inspiration and beauty!!




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16 thoughts on “life i design’s 1st anniversary giveaway!!

  1. Congrats! What a great idea of doing a little giveaway for your anniversary! All the best!!

    1. Thanks Mehker!! (great name btw :))

  2. Congratulations on your 1 year blogiversary! It’s such a brave thing to hit publish on the first post then after that it’s so rewarding isn’t it?!

    1. Thanks Jo-Anna!! x

  3. Congratulations on your 1yr anniversary!! I have so enjoyed seeing your designs, getting to know you & finding your shop. You do beautiful work btw! Here’s to another fun & exciting year!
    What tops my Christmas list this year.. time with family, a washer to replace our broken one would be lovely & maybe a wacom drawing tablet ;o)

    1. Thanks so much Melanie!!! Cheers to a wonderful 2014!!! I hope you get your washer and your wacom!! I’ll be hosting another 30 day sketchbook challenge starting Jan. 1st so you’ll have to join in this time!! Anything goes. The plan is to be creative draw, sketch, paint, every day in what ever form you choose!!

  4. Happy 1st Anniversary Nicki!! Thank you for sharing and opening yourself to us. Lovely website that you created and I look forward to reading your blogs posts throughout 2014!

    1. Thanks so much Kay!! Cheers to a fabulous 2014 to everyone!!! x

  5. Congrats Nicki! What an adorable collection of gifts! I’m not quite sure how to enter. I already subscribe via bloglovin – does that count? Top of my list this year is a warm, warm, warm coat!

    1. I see your comment and subscription Dani! You are entered. Thanks so much and I hope you get a warm coat to help keep you toasty this winter!!! x

  6. Congratulations!!

    1. Thanks Amanda!! X

  7. Great job for making it to 1 year Nicki!! I love seeing all of your new artwork and posts! At the top of my Christmas wishlist this year is for 2014 to be an active year for business and for Phil’s and my businesses to explode!

    1. Thank you Alexis!!! I appreciate all of your support. xx

  8. Congratulations on one year! It’s quite an achievement and as we know… a lot of work! You’re a wonderful person, Nicki. I wish you another fantastic year to come!

    1. Thanks Kim!! I’m so happy to have your support my friend!! Cheers to more blogging this year and skype chats! xx

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