Lifestyle and home decor products

Here is where you can find fresh, unique and modern designs on your most favourite and useful products!  

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Phone cases, laptop sleeves & more

There's nothing better than getting a new case for one of our most essential tech gadget... our cell phones!  Everything from sleek sleeves, to heavy duty protective cases can be found here.  New laptop sleeves as well as protective carry-all couches top the list too!

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Art prints, mugs & more

Expect inspirational quotes and sassy sayings in this section of our lifestyle shop.  Here is where we add some humour and style.  Adorn your feature walls and home galleries with fun art that is screaming personality that is modern and on-trend!

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everything for the home 

Decorative accents for the home allow you to add your personal style and touch to your decor.  Shop unique pillows, bath mats and throw blankets with designs that will add pop and character.  Your friends will ask you to help them decorate their space too!


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