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Offering you inspiration and tools to help you express your own personal style!

Ranging from inspiring and sassy lifestyle products to fun and simple classes.  Products and resources for you to create a life that you design!

How life i design started

"Life I design was born out of passion to live a creative life and from a desire to design things that suited my personal taste and what I wanted to have around me."
Nicki Traikos, Founder & Creative Director, life i design
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Style & Quality

"I love really well thought out designs and products.  My taste is really a mix of clean, modern elements, almost a masculine feel that’s balanced by motifs of nature, flowers and soft shapes.  I don’t like busy patterns and feel more relaxed when my eye can “rest” on an object.   But I do want to FEEL something when I look around me.  Design for me is all about being subtle but interesting."

"I’ve just started exploring colour, however, I love white with bold, black lines that are crisp and decorative.  I’m a fan of positive imagery and quotes.  I feel that surrounding yourself with positive imagery and quotes can energetically charge you and your environment." 

"I also have a cheeky and playful sense of humour and love the reaction I get from people who experience my designs that incorporate a bit of that sass.  Whether it’s on a coffee mug or a greeting card.  It’s what makes me really laugh out loud… for real!" 

"I love décor that is relevant and relatable.  The art and products that I create aren’t meant to be cherished or kept for lifetimes to come.  The art and products that I create are meant to change with you, to grow with you and inspire change and growth within you.  Sometimes they are just meant to accent a room, brighten up a morning or share with a friend who needs a pick-me-up!"

"What I offer is… art you can use that changes as you change!"

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life i design has been evolving this last year.  There's been a natural shift towards empowering others to be more creative and explore ways to be more creative.  With purpose and growth.  As a result, I've added classes, resources and tools to help you learn a new craft, explore a new hobby and live a life you design!!

Along with these new classes, digital downloads and workbooks, we will be adding a Resource Library that will be filled with inspirational quotes like the one above, in addition to free downloads, printables and more!  Make sure you subscribe to get access to this private Resource Library!

What is new!

I feel that I have accumulated so much knowledge and experience over these last few years that I want to share, inspire and teach others.  Whether it's through a Modern Calligraphy 101 class, or learning how to use Creative Journalling to celebrate experiences in your life.  More opportunities to learn and access the tips, tools and steps I use to create art, thrive as a creative entrepreneur or how to live intentionally a life that you design will constantly be added to the website.

What you can expect

Unique products that help you express your own personal style and art that you can use that changes as your style and tastes change!  

Workshops to help you learn how to go back to the basics of self expression.  Hand writing!! With a dip pen and ink.  The workshops are so popular that an online element will be coming soon.

Creative journaling!! The newest addition to life i design as we share how Nicki Traikos started to follow her dreams and how she stayed inspired to work through obstacles and unknowns using creative journalling!

Collaborating with SCT!

I've been so excited to work on designs, downloadable products and classes for an amazing Canadian magazine called Scrapbook and Cards today! They have an amazing style sense for all things to do with scrapbooking and cards.  They host fun, creative weekends called Crop and Create all over North America and have been a big presence in the industry for over 10 years.  I look forward to sharing more as we release everything that we are creating at the moment! 

At the moment we are working on:

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adding new art prints to the shop,

creating designs for pillows and cases for iPhonesiPads & laptops

teaching modern calligraphy classes as well as brush lettering and creative journalling workshop;

planning more tools and resources to share with you...

custom illustrations, graphic designs, licensing art and building our list of happy clients and customers. 

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Making things is necessary for me - it’s my function. In my work I have my strongest sense of failure and at times - my greatest joy”

I am a full believer that art can beautify your environment and shift your mood as well as inspire more creativity in your own life! And remember, you don't have to be artistic to be creative! 

Candidly yours!  Nicki xo


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