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A perfect affirmation for 2014 that everyone can use

affirmation 2014

I am happy, healthy and financially independent

What better way to ring in the new year than with an affirmation to bring happiness, health and financial independence into your present existence.

affirmation 2014

As we release the old, forgive the past, plan for the future in preparation for the new year, affirmations can help you to focus on what’s fundamentally important.  

You may want other things this coming year, like a slimmer waist line, a new job that allows you to travel the world, or a soul-mate to enjoy life with.  

If you plan to be in the moment, be happy, be healthy and financially independent, then I believe you can have all of those other things, and more.

Get yourself in the right frame of mind, by using these worksheets to help you plan for 2014 and beyond and recite the above affirmation as often as you can and enjoy all things that you desire in 2014!  

Download the file by right clicking here, email it to yourself, and save it on your phone, or your iPad, or even on your desktop!

Cheers to another year filled with life lessons and adventure!

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2 thoughts on “A perfect affirmation for 2014 that everyone can use

  1. I love those printables; I actually made myself a couple of notepads with them and have them sitting next to my keyboard.

    1. I’m so glad ann! Please share a pic with me if you can. nicki xx

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