A letter a day! How to write in cursive using calligraphy

Here's to sharing a lettering a day in calligraphy!

Teaching Modern Calligraphy workshops recently has been a really fun experience so far.  I feel like I am helping to keep hand writing alive! I can't imaging being without my computer and smart phone, and iPad ... but there's nothing quite like picking up a pen and writing things down.  I actually crave it.  Do you feel the same?!

I've learned a lot through teaching the Modern calligraphy workshops and one thing that always is brought up is that some of my younger participants don't remember cursive and how to form cursive letters.  When I was growing up, we practiced penmanship and were graded on our hand writing! Nowadays, it's not a focus at all.  

Soooo, I am dedicating myself to sharing with you how to write in curseive using calligraphy (in my style of course!) and sharing very short videos here daily as well as on my social media accounts.  

I hope these short videos help those who want to learn and practice not only cursive, but modern calligraphy too!!

Let me know how you enjoy the "a letter a day" videos!