Back to school sale means 50% off all online classes!

It’s that wonderful time of year where the air is crisp, the kids go back to a school routine, and we have an opportunity to fall into a new schedule and hopefully make some new plans and goals ourselves!

Back to school for me is always a time of year where I feel like it’s the start of a new year. I buckle down for a busy retail season, I have more time to take a few classes and explore new designs, but I also make time for things that I need and want to do for myself, like getting back to the gym and enjoying catching up with friends.

This year I will have even more time to dedicate to myself and to my personal goals because this weekend we drop our son off to University for the first time. It’s 4.5 hours away from home and means big changes for us all.

So many emotions are running through the house this week as we prepare, savour family time and make time for good-byes and well wishes. This Mamma is having a hard time fighting back tears this week. Can you relate?!

Back to falling into routine and getting ready to learn!

It’s the perfect time to offer you 50% off all of my online classes!

Now is the perfect time to learn a new creative skill or take an entrepreneurial leap with classes ranging from…

I hope you enjoy taking a class or two with me and take advantage of the 50% off sale before it ends on Tuesday, September 3rd!!

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Happy Labour Day and happy back to school!

Nicki x