Burlap Wreath Tutorial

This Burlap Wreath Tutorial is easy, inexpensive to make and looks beautiful!

Here is where I found the original idea for this Burlap Wreath Tutorial/DIY and...

this is what you need to get started!

A glue gun

A pair of scissors

A wreath {any size will do}

about a yard of burlap

and patience...

To begin, you want to cut cut a whole stack of  3.5 inch square piece of burlap

 {I did this while listening to an audio by Gabrielle Bernstein on Manifesting Miracles}

When you are ready to glue, start by dropping a line of hot glue in the centre of the burlap

 {be careful not to burn yourself, I certainly did a few times}

using a pencil, wrap the burlap around the pencil making sure the glue seeps through all the holes in the fabric to glue the folds together to look like this...

Make a whole bunch of these and keep them away from your pets {by the way, the burlap gets messy and the fibres stick to everything!!}

Then begin gluing the folded puffs onto your wreath until it is as full as you want.  

Here is what my Burlap Wreath looks like...

and it hangs beautifully on my mirror in the dining room...

What do you think?!