Cool Ways To Customize Your Electronics

Customizing electronics can be a fun way to give them a more personal touch. I for one, own waaay too many phone cases than I’d like to admit! The great thing about what I do, is that I can paint, letter and design new cases for my devices anytime I want! Whilst there are many ways of personalizing your desktop, there are also many ways to decorate your devices from the outside. Here are just five cool ways to customize your electronic devices.

Abstract, clear phone case design is available on  Casetify .

Abstract, clear phone case design is available on Casetify.

Design your own stickers

Stickers are one of the easiest ways to customize an electronic device. Whilst there are plenty of predesigned stickers out there that you can buy, a way to truly customize your electronics could be to design your own stickers. There are lots of graphic design software tools that you can so this with. You could even look into buying your own vinyl cutting machine using a site Alternatively, there are plenty of custom design companies that can print your designs off for you.

Life is tricky baby, stay in your magic stickers available on  Redbubble .

Life is tricky baby, stay in your magic stickers available on Redbubble.

Build your own phone case

Another cool way of customizing your electronics could be to build your own phone case. There are many ways to do this – you could craft one out of wood, stitch one out of leather or you could even crochet your own wool phone cover. You may even be able to buy a 3D printer at a site like to build your own detailed case out of plastic or metal. If this all sounds like too much hard work, there are plenty of companies that can craft your design for you.

Create patterns with washi tape

I’m a huge fan of washi tape and love the variety of motifs and designs that it offers. If you’re looking for a colourful way to decorate your electronics, you could try using washi tape. This could be used to create cool rainbow patterns on your laptop lid or phone case. You can even customize your keyboard using washi tape. You can buy this tape at sites like

Get your electronics engraved

For a more permanent alteration, you could also consider getting your electronics engraved. You can find laser cutting tools to do this at sites like There are also plenty of companies out there that can engrave your devices for you. Such a permanent alteration can be a great way of deterring thieves, although it may effect the device’s resale value.

Mod your hardware

Modifying hardware could be a way of not just improving aesthetics but also performance. Case modding is the most popular form of modification and can be done with everything from games consoles to tablets – this usually involves replacing the exterior with a custom-built case, usually containing lights and windows for added aesthetic appeal. Many people also replace components such as graphics cards, fans and even hard-drives in order make their machines perform better. You’ll need some electronics knowledge in most cases when attempting these modifications, as well as the right tools such as a solder iron and wire strippers. There are modification companies out there that you can rely on instead if you don’t want to mod your hardware yourself.

Have fun with customizing your electronics since they are such a bit part of our daily lives, they may as well be functional and look great too!!

(This is a sponsored post, but I do only publish what I believe in and I believe this post has some great ideas about customizing your devices!!)