Cracking The Code! Fixing Your Website To Communicate Your Business Personality

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Some may argue that there are more boring aspects of running a business than there are exciting ones. Running a business these days means we have to create a brand, which is, essentially, the personality of the business. Where's the most important place to communicate this? Your website.

If you are just getting into WordPress as a tool to build up your website from scratch, it could be very overwhelming to get into the complexities of getting it just right. You could hire a marketing company to do it all for you, but when the budget is of the essence, we've got to do a lot of it ourselves. But what do we need to know so that our website really does communicate who we are and what we stand for?

The Tone Of Voice

Copywriting is a fine art that is outsourced to many companies, but if you want to put across a certain style that's inherently linked with your business, the tone of voice is everything. It can be tempting to be as clever as possible or make it look incredibly formal. But if your customers are not academics or you're not selling a luxury brand, what is the point in using overly complex wordings? To get this across, we have to not overthink it. A conversational tone is far more beneficial to someone visiting your website. By all means, make it similar to your manner of speaking, but avoid slang and direct your attention to the customer so they feel included.

Your Website Layout

User-friendliness is integral to your website. Having it displayed in a certain manner means that customers and visitors are able to navigate through everything easily. These days, with website development tools like WordPress, they can hold your hand throughout the process. And with the abundance of photography WordPress themes, as well as other components like the wallpaper, you have complete control over what you want your customers to see. The layout can be one of those overlooked aspects, and especially when you are chomping at the bit to get your products out there, but you've got to give consideration to functionality, which means that the layout should be a priority. These can comprise of aspects like the color theme, the typography, and how easy each page is to use. You want to tell a story, and, in some ways, gently guide customers through your website. It must be said, if you haven't thought about making your website mobile-friendly, the overwhelming statistic that 52.2% of website traffic was through a mobile phone in 2018 highlights just how important a mobile-friendly website is in this day and age.

Your Call To Action

One of the most important components to improving your conversion rates is the call to action. In essence, this is something that implores the website user to take further action, either by signing up or purchasing an item. It usually takes the form of a button or hyperlink. It’s a very simple thing, you can put the words “learn more”, “join us”, “sign up”, and so forth, so it's worth looking at examples online that really do encourage people to sign up for something.

Encouraging Contact

What we can gravely underestimate on our website that aiming to capture the imagination of this user is something very simple: contact details. When we want to put across a personality that's friendly and open, we've got to bridge the gap between a somewhat faceless entity like a website and the customer. These days, it is so easy for us to hide behind our website, so we don't necessarily need to have that symbiotic relationship with the customer. But while everybody can get in contact with us via social media, it's always worth putting contact details, like an address or a phone number on the website, giving them instant access to you. It's a very little thing, but if you want to show people that you are more than just one of the thousands of businesses out there that has a website, providing a way for them to get in contact with you can do a lot to improve the process between business and customer.

The website needs to reflect who you are, and these are just a handful of components to think about. When you want to communicate a certain personality, it's not just about getting the website up and running, but it's about providing the history of who you are, what you stand for, and your plans for the future. A website needs to be more than just a way for a company to display its products! In many ways, it's more complex than a line of code!

(This is a sponsored post, but I do only publish what I believe in and I believe this post has some great ideas about branding and website essentials!!)