Decorating on a budget

Decorating on a budget may appear daunting but there are so many ways to revamp your place without it costing a fortune. If you are putting your creative hat on and crafting, or digging out the leftover paint from the garage, the journey of revamping and renewing is just beginning and with some good advice and a positive attitude the differences you can make to your home will have positive effects on your mind and hopefully a smile on your face.

Search Charity Shops

Searching through charity shops and looking for second-hand bargains is good for the environment as less goes to waste- fewer items (which are perfectly good) end up in landfills and incinerators. Buying new also helps to create a demand for more new items and the factories that produce them, so from an environmental standpoint shopping at charity shops is really worthwhile.

Not to mention it can save you a lot of money rather than going to a regular shop, all items will be in good condition in the charity shop and some can even be pretty much brand new! We’ve all done it, bought an item which we’ve ended up not using and given it to charity, you can cash in on other people doing the same. Charity shops are everywhere and certainly in most shopping centers, so you won't have much trouble finding one.

The great thing about charity shops is that sometimes you can find unique Items that haven’t been mass produced or items that are old and have lots of charm to them if you're prepared to go searching. Keep checking back every few weeks as things always change, and you could find a hidden gem. We all want to reduce our carbon footprint and everybody loves to bag a bargain, so when you are thinking of decorating your home on a budget remember the charity shops. Some people can be a little precious about the idea but it really shouldn’t be the case, no one needs to know your items are pre-loved unless you tell them!

Upcycle Furniture

Old furniture tends to be made of solid wood, much nicer than today's mass-produced pieces. If you already own some old furniture or have snagged a bargain from an antique store, upcycling it is a fantastic way to bring it back to life and modernize it. Make any repairs so that it’s fully functioning and then sand it down. Purchase some chalk paint and paint it white or cute pastel shade to match your home.

Another thing you can upcycle is your kitchen cupboards! If you’re stuck with a grotty old kitchen but don't have the funds to rip it out, remove all of the doors and carefully paint them. Clearing out the clutter and organising your cupboards can make it look like new and cost next to nothing. Its underestimated how this particular job will make you feel better about your kitchen. Paint the tiles or buy a new splashback to transform the walls or update the floor for a fresh new feel.

DIY Your Own Decor

Another way you can save money when decorating your home is by getting creative and have a go at making things yourself from scratch. New curtains and cushion covers can transform the way a room looks or pretty new cushions on your kitchen chairs can be a fun project. If you sew them yourself you can half the cost of buying them retail and have great satisfaction when opening them to the new day each morning. If you have a sewing machine that’s been gathering dust then get it out and purchase some fabric you love.

Updating the things you already have is another option, you could find yourself some plant pots or some old photo frames you have lying around and update them. Glue decorations onto them for a kitsch look, you can find good glue guns online or in a hobby craft store. Wrap twine around things like candle holder for some rustic charm, or in the case of furniture, replace the hardware like knobs and legs to update the style. How about breaking out the paints and painting a picture for your bedroom wall; paint along with Bob Ross on Youtube or go with something abstract if you prefer.

You can choose the exact styles and colors you want that match your home, and you have a work of art for much less than you’d pay in a shop or gallery. These things are great for personalizing the space and make great ice breakers for when guests come over too. You could start designing prints on photoshop if the painting isn't your thing, it’s less messy and you have the option to press the back button if things go wrong! Buy some cheap frames and create your own gallery wall to fill. 

Ask Friends and Family.

When you are decorating on a budget and keeping costs to a minimum, it's a good idea to ask the family if they have anything you could have. People often throw away perfectly good items when they redecorate. Often they mistakenly believe because they have grown tired of an item no one else will want it and perfectly good items can find their way to the rubbish dump.

Or maybe they have things stored away collecting dust in the attic or storage that they might have even forgotten about. Family will often give you things freely or charge only a small fee. Often old chairs and tables can be revamped to fit the rooms in your house or completely making them over into a new object. Maybe your grandparents have a piece of furniture they no longer need and are overjoyed to see it staying in the family.

The silver lining with decorating on a budget is you may discover hidden talents you have and can build skills along the way. 

(This is a sponsored post and as usual, I think offers some great advice about decorating on a budget!)