My Fitness Routine - Lazy Girl's Secret Weapons!

6 weeks ago I started a new fitness routine.  After all - bikini bodies are made in the winter!! I am surprised and pleased with myself that I have stuck to my new routine for this long.  The best part is, I am starting to see and feel some great results!  

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Be forewarned: my fitness routine is that of a lazy girl's, but can provide you too with some great results!!

Let me start by sharing that I am sporty but not athletic.  Soooo, that means I can play sports with my kids for hours and hours and not think twice about stopping.  However, make me "work-out" and I lose interest within about 10 minutes.  10 minutes is right about the point when I start to pant, sweat and hurt slightly!

Buuuuuut! I keep this mantra in my mind

"Sweat is just FAT CRYING!!" So I made you this poster to remind you of just that!

I am a firm believer that what you eat is far more important for weight loss, however, I am also a firm believer that if you want to change your shape, i.e. build lean, strong arms, or create cut, defined abs etc.,  you need to incorporate a fitness routine.

Here are my Lazy Girl's Secret Weapons

to shed a few inches, build strong guns and make your fat cry!!

  • Commit to working out 4-5 times a week.  That's right! 4-5 times a week.  Have you ever read the book The Slight Edge? Google it.  It's one of my favs. Jeff Olson talks about being consistent with everything you do.  Creating consistent behaviours will create long-term results, especially when you are achieving a specific goal.  What that means is, it is far better and more effective, for you to do something fitness related for 10 minutes a day, 5 times a week, than it is to do something fitness related hardcore for 1 hour, once a week.  Taking that advice, what I have been doing is working out to short, 10 minute fitness videos 4-5 days a week.  My favorite short, but effective workouts are here on PopSugar.   I don't have a lot of time to spare for fitness, nor do I want to spend hours a day working out, so I do at least 2 of these videos back to back, and fit in a stretch as well.  Bango! That's anywhere from 20-40 minutes of sweat baby!  Times that routine by 4 and that's how you create consistency, stick to a schedule and see long term results.  I am 6 weeks in and look forward to my workouts now!!
  • Eat at least one salad daily as a meal, and make it a BIG ONE.  Check out this amazing green salad recipe that I shared a while ago here. Eating a big, yummy salad will fill you with fibre and nutrition that only raw veggies can provide.  It is also a really great low calorie option that you can use on a day when you know you have a dinner party to attend and want to bank a few calories so that you can indulge in a few canapes that will be tempting you!!
  • Put on workout gear!!  I've worked out in my PJs, I'll be the first to admit it.  Now that we have a row of mirrors in our basement gym area, I find that I work harder when I have my fitness gear on!! So throw up a few "behind the closet door" full length mirrors and slip on your most favorite workout gear to experience a better workout.  If you are going to workout, you might as well give it your all!!
  • Eat an apple a day! Google this fact too! Eating an apple day will help you melt pounds away! It's all about adding fibre to your diet, to fill you and getting the nutrition of raw food.  It is one of the best mid-day snacks that I can recommend to anyone.  Add a tablespoon of natural peanut butter for a hit of protein and you have the perfect snack!
  • Lastly, I just learned this and think everyone should know this secret weapon!!! Workout in the morning, on an empty stomach! Doing cardio activity, on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning helps you burn fat and revs your metabolism for the entire day!!! If you can't workout in the morning, then make sure to do so later in the day but at least 3 hours after your last meal.  Again, if you eat then workout, you are simply burning the calories that you just consumed.  What you want to do is workout to burn your fat stores.  This was a great tip that I learned and can see a huge difference by implementing this small change!

There you have it!! My lazy girl's secret weapons that have made a huge difference in my fitness routine and have helped me be consistent, see results and are keeping me motivated for the next few months before bikini season starts!!

Here's a challenge for you!! Use one, two or all of my secret weapons and report back letting me know how it changes your fitness routine!

Or.... do you have any secret weapons of your own?!

I'd love to hear them, share by commenting below!

Candidly yours, 



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