How to learn Modern Calligraphy

There is an amazing amount of resources these days to help with learning how to do just about anything!! You can read blog posts, read books and even watch videos.  I taught myself how to knit watching YouTube videos!

I have been busy working away on a number of resources to help you learn Modern Calligraphy!


Over this last year I've had the pleasure of teaching a number of in-person Modern Calligraphy workshops in my local are.  These workshops pretty much sell-out, and I am always pleasantly surprised at how easily the attendees pick up the very traditional method of pen and ink, but in the modern style that I teach and use myself in my lettering!

These workshop have inspired me to create a few workbooks for all of you who may want to learn Modern Calligraphy from me as well!

There are a lot of resources online about lettering, calligraphy, brushes, pens etc.   I have read many myself!   My workbooks are a little bit different. First of all, I've written, lettered and published them all myself.  Big high fives!! 

The first one is Introduction to Modern Calligraphy 101 .  This is the exact workbook that I use to teach all of my beginner students.  If you need to learn how to put your pen and nib together, simple, beginning strokes and basic calligraphy knowledge with practice, then this workbook is for you! 24 pages with photos, practice sheets and tips!

If you have some experience and really want to learn how to properly write the lower case alphabet with a dip pen or even a small brush pen, then Learn Modern Calligraphy Handwriting - lower case letters is the one for you! 38 pages of tips and the exact strokes and swells needed to really master the lower case alphabet in calligraphy!

modern calligraphy lower case letters.jpg

Whichever book you choose, it is as simple as downloading it, printing your practice sheets and start practicing!  As with anything, practice is the key.  Really spending time, getting to know your tools and how to control the ink flow, is my biggest tip that I can offer anyone.  Forming letters comes after we've mastered our dip pen and ink!

intro to modern calligraphy.jpg

My biggest tip!

Spend time getting to know your tools.  Learn how to master your pen and ink. 

When you do, learning how to write words will be easy!

I really hope to inspire more people to pick up a new craft, hobby or skill and have fun learning how to write in Modern Calligraphy.  We type and text so much these days that I feel like the next generation may never have the chance to fall in love with the sound a pen makes as it scratches words onto paper in a newly opened journal.  

Just imagine...