How to Lose Weight Fast!

Home Gym and workout gear

Have you ever had a spur of the moment trip or event that you really haven't planed for?!  Me too!  I am very lucky from time to time, as I am hired for some great makeup gigs!  The latest one is taking me to Mexico for a little airbrush, beachy - beautiful makeup for a gorgeous client of mine.  

What raced through my mind when the job was booked?! Naturally - how white I am and how jiggly everything gets when I stop working out!  All I can think about is S&$%! I have to put on a bikini in the dead of winter!

So here is my plan how to lose weight fast! I mean Pronto! Ole!

I leave in a little over 2 weeks! I have been slacking on the fitness and healthy eating end of things - especially considering the time of the year!  

At the fun age of 41, and with an under-active thyroid, I am prone to having a few ~ ahem ~ challenges.  It's never the Nutella that I dive into for my mid-afternoon chocolate no...

Ok! Time to toughen up and kick a few of these pounds to the curb, so I can feel fabulous on the beaches of the Mayan Riviera!

I'm not a gym lover any more - we broke up years ago I'm afraid, however, I am a disciplined ... well, I'm somewhat of a disciplined, home-gym kinda girl.  OK, I try, and I don't really like to sweat but here are my best tools that have helped me see results fast!

Oh, and my new Christmas gift that I just love! It calculates my heart rate, calories burned and times me too! And it knows my name!

Here is my go-to plan when I need to shape up quick at home!

 1. To faithfully use to track calories and stay on track!  It's a great app on the iPhone and you can easily track your progress as well as connect with friends to help each other stay accountable.

 2. Here is the latest video that I am currently loving at the moment on a site that I found on Pinterest. I also do a 550 Rep Fat Massacre that is hard but kicks my body into shape quick!!!

 3.  Help my muscles stay limber with doing yoga through  I love that you can customize the search to suit how much time you have and what type of yoga exerience you are looking for.  They often have a free month trial and is only $10 or so a month for a membership which gives you access to  unlimited videos.

4. Walk. Power walk that is.  Fresh, crisp air and lots of hills at a fast pace will help work out the lower body and is great cardio.  I don't run or jog.  I don't have the cardio and I simply don't enjoy it.  But I can walk really fast, and it's easier on the knees! and more enjoyable with the puppy!

 5. Use protein shakes and lots of veggies to fuel my body with low calories, high protein, low fat and high nurition.  My favorite protein mixes that I use daily are Vi-Shape, (this is one that I use and love so much that I started promoting it) and Vega, found at most good quality health stores.  Food and nutrition is super high on my list, I never skimp or starve myself.  It's just not healthy.  Oh, and a good energy booster helps too!

 6. Lastly but very importantly, drink water, lots and lots of water.  Here is a great resource to help you calculate how much water you should be drinking.  Often you can be dehydrated vs. hungry, so lead with a glass of water before diving into your meal.

I'll share with you how I use an airbrush can to tone down the shocking white limbs before the trip! It's ah-mah-zing!!

Good plan don't you think?!  Let's see if I will stick to it!

My goal is to lose 5 pounds before Mexico! 

What are your tips for dropping a few pounds quick!?