bold interiors for those brave enough

I am a huge fan of black on white.  I find simple black and white designs very relaxing, my eye has places to rest and it always looks clean and crisp.  Bold black designs on white feel more timeless to me.  I wear a lot of black or white (add jeans and that's my daily uniform) but I am slowly embracing color.  Maybe not so much in my wardrobe, but in my surroundings at home.  

Since I work from home, I am always changing the decor around slightly.  It may mean a simple arrangement of furniture, or an addition of a few accent cushions.  Even more recently, a bold addition of paint on an accent wall or two is what I've been doing.  

My studio/office space got a simple but bold makeover recently and I'll share the pics very soon, but as I was looking for inspiration for my office, I came across a few photos on Pinterest that got me excited to go bold with future updates around the house!  Check them out below.

click on the photos to be taken to original source for images

I'm totally tempted to use more pinks and black around the house.  I have wanted to change the backsplash in the kitchen for a while now, that might be on my list of fall projects to attempt with the hubby!

Stay tuned for the studio makeover soon and I'll share how I encorporated some of this inspiration into my personal space too!