Inktober 2015 Update!

The month of October is slowly nearing its end and am struggling with the alphabet.  What does October and the alphabet have do with each other you ask?

This month is the month of #inktober where I've dedicated myself to inking a page in my sketchbook for each letter (or in some cases 2 letters) and sharing them on social media.  I have inked a few pages of other than the alphabet to keep things interesting, but for the most part, it's just letters - beautiful letters I might add!

Today I have inked up to the letter 'N' and am struggling to get through the rest of the alphabet.

 I love lettering.  I could draw letters in my sketchbook all day long, but what I like best about lettering is stringing the letters together to form words, and quotes and to be inspired and motivated.

Single letters are beautiful on their own, but I feel constrained and held back a bit.  However, I know that this practice is good discipline and am building character.  Right?!

It's just like my running training - I may not like doing it every single time, but I get better each time I do.  

In case you're not following along on social media, here's what I've inked this month so far for Inktober 2015!

Only 12 letters left to go!!!  (All sketches have now been completed - WHEW!!)