Letter to my Younger Self

As my children grow and mature, I often wonder what I was like at their age. I wonder about what struggles I endured. What challenges I faced. What made me incredibly excited and happy. What was I like then, how did I think and what I would have loved to have been taught by my wise, older self.

Then I realized that I didn't ever want to be taught by a wise, older anyone. I knew it all. I didn't need the advice of my Mom. Of my Dad. Ever been there?! You are told to do one thing and then you went and did the exact opposite?!

I thought it would be a good experience to write a letter to my younger self. And when I did, I realized how liberating it was in a way. How forgiving it made me feel. How old, and wise I am now. {Wink. Wink.}

Here it goes, my very personal letter to my younger self.

Dear Younger Self,

I must start by saying "listen up", if only for a few minutes, and have an open mind to what I am about to share with you. Yes, you are intelligent and have a good sense of right and wrong, however, you do not know everything, as you may think - and that's ok. That's what life experiences are for.

Life, people, and experiences may not make sense to you at times, but not to worry, it's really about how you handle those experiences that matter most. You must always be confidant in your decisions and how you make choices. No one knows what's best for you - except for you. After all, it's a life you have to live, and I recommend you do so with passion!

Don't squeeze yourself into the box that society builds around you. There's no specific path that everyone should follow or strive for. It's ok if your ideas about life are different from that of your family, your culture, your friends, or you peers. You are different and that's what makes you unique. That's what makes everyone unique from one another. Just remember to always express your ideas with intelligence and rationale vs. emotion. Your point will be received and heard much more effectively and easily.

Have self respect and always make your own choices. If something doesn't feel right in the pit of your stomach, guess what, it goes against your belief system and it's ok to turn away from it. It's called intuition. Listen to it. That is what builds character, and how you live a life without regret. Regardless of what anyone around you thinks or believes - even if it's your best friend, boyfriend, teacher...

Remember that if someone treats you badly, forgive and walk away, but release that negativity immediately. It's not yours to carry around. You never know what is happening in a person's life and we cannot control how people behave towards us or how they speak to us. What we can control is how we react and what we allow to "stick" to us, but we also have control over what we release and let go of.

Surround yourself with beauty, good people, and fun experiences that make you excited to live more!

Be safe.

Let your creativity guide you.

Dream. Dream with passion and with the expectation that anything is possible. Love and share your love for people.

Be yourself. Who you are in the moment. You are always growing and changing. Every experience will make you different from who you were the day before.

Keep your journals. Keep all of your art work. It's good, believe in your talent. Keep your poetry. Don't paint your room red and smoosh it ever again!!!

Be active. Continue to move your body and enjoy playing sports. Take care of your body from the inside out. Don't smoke. It's a waste of time, health, money and it's gross. Drugs lead to dead ends. Drink in moderation and never get behind the wheel, even if you've had just one drink.

Read. Read a lot. And a variety of texts, genres and challenge yourself. Write.

Take lots of photos. Enjoy looking at them. Enjoy how you felt during that experience.

Love yourself and what you look like every day. Embrace your personal style. Dress in what makes you feel good. Oh, and guess what?! Your ass will never be that small - ever again - so don't complain. Trust me on this one.

Don't agonize over the future so much or always look to future events and plan for when you are finished school, or have a career, or get married, or buy a house. LIVE IN THE MOMENT. Be happy in the moment. With what you have. Where you are. You will miss out on all the great things that are happening right now.

Forgive. Forgive yourself, others, circumstances, events. Forgive often. I forgive you - for everything. Now let it go. Ahhhh, I felt that.

Oh and 42 is not over the hill, ancient, or old! It's just as good as 22 - actually, scratch that, it's even better.

Last of all. Write yourself a letter right now. Fold it up. Put it somewhere safe. Open it up and read it when you are 42, and enjoy where you've been, how far you've come along and know that yours is a journey unlike any other.

With much love,
Your wiser self.


Nicki Traikos2 Comments