Lunch Notes for Kids - Free Printable

For years I've hidden notes in my kid's lunch bags.  I've drawn pictures.  Told short stories.  Made up funny {sometimes not so funny} jokes. And each time I left the kids a note, I knew that for a moment in their day, they felt my love and it comforted them.  My daughter use to save the notes that I left for her in a secret pocket of her notebook.  My son would stash them in the front of his lunch box.  I knew it was something that they both appreciated, especially if there was an unexpected treat taped to it!

Over the years, I've used pretty stationary, colourful paper, post-it notes and sometimes even just a scrap piece of paper with a giant heart drawn on it.

Now that my son is in Grade 6, I hesitate to leave him a note.  I fear that maybe someone will tease him, or make a comment that will make him uncomfortable.  So if I do leave him a note, I use a gender neutral piece of paper {no pink with hearts all over it for sure!!}, I make sure not to sign it with "Love Mom", and a part of me feels... restricted - although I'm sure I am doing it to myself.

Soooo, in an effort to leave "cool" notes for him, I decided to design a sheet of lunch notes for your cooler, older, but still very special, pre-teen! {they are son approved!}

Simply save this PDF and print it on any type of paper that you have handy, use your slicer and you can even personalize them with a handwritten note {front or back}.  


Guaranteed to make them feel your presence in the middle of a tedious school day, and no chance of embarassing that cool kid of yours!

Let me if you use these lunch notes for your kids and how they liked them!