Makeup for Mature Skin - Before and After

Alice makeup after

I love doing makeup on my mature skin clients.

...and makeup before and afters photos are either subtle but some are startling and amazing!

Please meet the lovely Alice. 

Alice has gorgeous eyes and were the first thing that I noticed when I met her.  I planned her makeup look based on her beautiful eyes.
She also has flawless skin, but works outside, so it's a little dehydrated and needed some extra moisture.

We wanted to match Alice's red gown that she would be wearing to her niece's wedding, so we chose to go with red lips!!


Red lips instantly brightens any complexion.  I primed her skin with a hydrating moisturizer, then used my trusty airbrush to create even, bright skin.


I used a light application of blush on the cheeks because Alice has rosacea and I knew that her natural redness would come through as she enjoys the day's festivities.  I made her eyes pop with neutral grey tones, black liner and topped it all off with individual false lashes.


False lashes are a great way to play up your eyes and create more drama!


Have a look at this video that I recorded last fall showing how easily you can apply the same individual false lashes that I used on Alice.


I hope you enjoy this before and after look and I look forward to sharing more with you... oh, and do share if you've tried false lashes for the first time!