My name is Nicki, and I'm addicted to .....

I feel like a new obsession is upon me.  I can't stop thinking about it.  It just kinda crept up on me.  All I think about is where can I go to get more stuff to add to my stash.  I'm up early and want to do it over and over again....

My name is Nicki, and I'm addicted to dip pens, black ink  and writing calligraphy.  There, I said it. 

calligraphy desk
calligraphy desk

Every morning I wake up, make my cappuccino, sit at my desk and write words, letters, numbers.  Over and over again.  My desk is covered in paper.

My hands are covered in black ink.  I'm happy - I've found my "thing"!  I have always loved to write words.  As a teenager I would write in my journal for hours.  It wasn't ever really about getting my thoughts out, it was about forming letters.  I wished my named started with an S.  I would write the letter S in as many fancy ways as I could. I would use markers, pens, pencils, fountain pens, anything that I could get my hands on.  

Now, all I can think about is how can I incorporate calligraphy into my art.  I love trying out new nibs that I find.  I love how the black ink flows depending on how much pressure I use.  I feel like there is so much control and ease and that the process of forming the strokes and shapes are poetic.  So I practice, practice, and will practice more.  Expect to see more of this beautiful style of writing as I develop my skill and style.  

calligraphy by nicki
calligraphy by nicki

This came out as a result of something that has been on my mind since registering in an artist talent search (more on that next month when it begins - wish me luck!!) A blind leap of faith with full commitment!!!!

calligraphy by life i design
calligraphy by life i design

It's not perfect, but it's beautiful!!!

My goal is to practice more and more.  Sooooo, I came up with a fun way to practice with a bit of added-on pressure. 

I will write YOUR NAME!  The first 5 people who comment on this post, I will write your first and last name in calligraphy, save it as a Vector graphic and email you a jpg of it!!!  

Sound good?!!

Go ahead and comment and I'll just run out and grab a few more nibs and bottles of ink!