a new spa bathroom to fight the blues...

bathroom dream board

The new year for me usually means a time to feel refreshed, renewed and invigorated.


these last few weeks have been a little "challenging" and it's not over yet.

Let me take you back a few weeks.  If you live anywhere in the GTA (greater Toronto area) you can perhaps relate.  The winter break began with a few bangs! More like cracks and bangs, which is what frozen tree limbs sound like as they brake off their limbs (as if they were twigs breaking rather than huge limbs).  Yup! The deep freeze hit us over night on the 21st, causing power outages over the weekend, exactly when we were to kick-off the holiday season as festivities were planned with family and friends.

Stay with me here as I get past the "blues" part and get to the new spa bathroom ...

So with freezing temperatures, no heat, fear of trees falling on top of our house, pipes freezing, food spoiling, and one already sick child, we managed to secure what seemed to be the last hotel room in the area (one that allowed us to bring Milo with us too) and ran back and forth between our freezing cold house and warm hotel for days.

Not too bad right?! We were after-all safe and together.  Well, fast forward to Christmas eve and we are still without power until finally at around 6pm, I receive a wonderful text from a friend who drove past my house and saw the Christmas lights were on!!

Hallelujah (very appropriate as it was Christmas eve) we had power!!!

The worst part was over, we celebrate Christmas in warmth and are even more thankful for the simple luxuries in life... until child number 2 gets sick.

So I have two sick children and lots of time to watch movies.  Still not bad - being homebound with the heat on, snuggled with the family, and armful of movies and a cupboard filled with chips and snacks.

We suddenly find ourselves enjoying the last weekend before school begins and the hectic pace we are so use to is nearer than we'd like.  We realize, we really haven't done much.  We are exhausted from sickness and boooooom, child number one is sick again!!! Needless to say, I keep both kids home from the first day back at school and we manage to rest, and bask in the idea that we cheat a little, and extend our holiday break.

As I type this blog post (which originally was going to be my cheerful Happy New Year post - I promised to be candid), hubs is now in bed - sick.

Normally, I am the positive minded, gratitude filled, life loving, all-mighty-powerful-super-mom-wife-woman.  Today, it's -31 with the windchill factor, I haven't been out much, I notice today that my roots need a touch-up - bad, and I am yearning for a week away somewhere hot, where drinks are served beach-side with tiny, pretty paper umbrellas sticking out of them.

Since that's not in my near future, I thought I'd spend my first day back at my desk, planning our new spa bathroom that will be built in the next few months.

I present you with my "blues" fighter.

My little piece of heaven at the moment.  My little ray of sunshine as I scrub, spray lysol, cook everyone's comfort food, and fold laundry.

Maybe this will give you a little pick-me -up too!

bathroom dream boardAll photos are on my Pinterest board here for your reference.  Oh, and while you are on Pinterest, check out some of the amazing sketches from a few of my friends on the 3o day sketchbook challenge!

Did that spa bathroom mood-board cheer you up a little?!

I really wish I had that tub right now .........

Here comes my cheerful New Year toast,

My wish for you is that 2014 be filled with peace, love, happiness, good health, adventure, spa bathrooms and drinks on the beach with tiny umbrellas in them!

Happy New Year! Nicki xo