7 Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs!

7 podcasts for creative entrepreneurs to help boost creativity, learn about business and some fun ones too!

I've only just discovered Podcasts in the last year or so.  As an artist and designer, I spend many hours in my studio creating. Sometimes I do so in silence, letting my mind wander and often becoming so focused on my work that I completely block everything else out. 

But, when I feel like I need a pick me up, I'll play one of my many playlists on iTunes and even plug in to Songza (now google play - which I have to say, I don't enjoy nearly as much) now and then for some fresh music.  

However, about a year ago, I was introduced to a few Podcasts.  I would tune in when I needed a change or felt like some inspiration.  It wasn't until recently that I discovered a few great podcasts that I now tune-in to regularly.  Some I'd recommend specifically for creative entrepreneurs and some are just fun and interesting stories that inspire creativity in other ways.  I just love to hear first hand, stories and situations that real people face as well as lessons learned and advice from those experiences.  I hope you find a few new favourite podcasts to listen to within my list!

Check out my 7 Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs List!

Being Boss - My favourite by far! I love the range of topics that Kathleen and Emily choose to cover.  And they sound like girls that I'd like to be friends and hang-out with!!

Raise Your Hand and Say Yes with Tiffany Han - I started a list of 100 Asks inspired by this very interesting series of podcasts!

Elise Gets Crafty - Covers a great range of topics from business, to creativity, to blogging.

The Jealous Curator: Art for Your Ear - So much inspiration here and on her Instagram feed too!

Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert - If you haven't read Big Magic yet, go to your local bookstore, Kindle, Tablet etc and read it! Enough said.

Serial - We listened to the entire season 1 while driving to Florida at Christmas.  Love how they deliver bits of information and interviews. 

Vinyl Cafe Stories from CBC Radio - This is a new one for me.  A friend of mine suggested it a few weeks ago and although I haven't dived in deep yet, the narrative and story telling is fantastic!

Let me know if you have any favourite Podcasts that I need to listen to!! I'd love to check them out!