Avocado Spinach Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe

This Avocado Spinach Pesto

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe is one of my favs at the moment!

 It promises ooooey, gooey bites of yumminess. And it's not that bad for you!

Here is what you need to make an Avocado Spinach Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

  • Your choice of bread (anything works here, but give sourdough a try)
  • Ripe Avocado ( I use a half of an avo)
  • Baby Organic Spinach (about a handful)
  • Home Made Pesto (the recipe I used is here)
  • Cheese of your choice (I've used Light Mozarella, Provolone or Havarti)
  • Coconut butter

Begin with buttering the outsides of your toast with the coconut butter, then layer your sandwich. I spread pesto on both bread slices, cheese on top of that, a layer of spinach and then the avo.

Pre-heat your pan on medium heat until it's hot... well, you know what to do from there. Grill your sandwich!

How yummy does that look?!

My comfort food of the moment.


Green Salad Recipe

Who knew a green salad recipe like this one, could be hearty and yummy?!

Remember my post from last week about needing to drop a few pounds quickly for my upcoming trip to Mexico? Well, I am proud to report that I have been sticking to my plan and am enjoying great results.  As I type this post, I am down just over 3 pounds and am feeling tighter all over.  My fitness routine varies every day to keep it interesting and am staying away from carbs while also increasing my raw veggie consumption. 

This yummy green salad is what I usually have for dinner or lunch.  I make sure to have one big plate of salad a day, and I have to say, I have found a really yummy combo that satisfies the tastebuds, crunch factor and tummy. 

Here is the recipe.  Feel free to modify by adding your favourite veggies and nuts/seeds. 

Green Salad Recipe

2 generous cups of leaf lettuce.  I like red and green leaf lettuce as I find the leaves are delicate but can still take the heavier ingredients that I sprinkle on top.

1/2 cup of cucumbers {again everything is really to your taste}

1/2 pepper {I prefer red or yellow}

1/2 avocado

1/4 cup of your spiced seed and nut mix {recipe to follow}

a drizzling of dressing.  Don't overdue it here.  You have a lot of flavours in this salad, so a lot of dressing isn't necessary and you can save yourself a bunch of calories.

My tip, use a good sized plate, and one that you enjoy eating from.  Dinnerware makes such a difference with creating a pleasant dining experience vs. just sitting down to eat.  You will feel more satisfied and nourished - trust me on this one.

 Spiced Nut & Seed Mix Recipe

{I usually throw in whatever I have handy}

Frying pan

handful of raw, sliced almonds

handful of sunflower seeds

small handful of pine nuts

small handful of chia seeds

small handful of sesame seeds

 {I've also used walnuts & pecans, but find they go rancid quickly}

 Heat the pan and add all the nuts, stir often, careful not to burn the mix.  You are dry roasting however, the  nuts will release their own oils and if you keep them moving, nothing should stick or burn.  

When you start to see that they are browning, and you can smell their nutty, delicious sent, it's time to throw in the spice mix. Play around here.  I love this combination, but if you prefer it to be spicy, feel free to add cayenne, or paprika - really follow your own taste buds.  I also use this nut & seed mix for my oatmeal and yoghurt so I like mine cinnamon based.

Spice Blend

A teaspoon {more or less} of cinnamon

A teaspoon {more or less} of nutmeg

A 1/2 teaspoon {more or less} of ginger

Add to pan with nuts and seeds and stir, roasting until you smell the spice's beautiful aromas.  

Turn off the heat.  I like to store my nuts in an airtight jar.

Sweet and Savoury Salad Dressing

1 cup olive oil

1/2 balsamic vinegar

1 teaspoon soy sauce

1 tablespoon good quality dijon mustard

1 teaspoon or a dash of maple syrup

1-2 crushed garlic cloves {fresh only here please - it makes all the difference}

Use a shaker jar to shake it all up and use it to store in the fridge.  It make enough for quite a few salads.  I've even used it for marinade for fish.  

Plate your veggies, sprinkle your salad with you nut mix and drizzle your dressing! You are all ready to sit down to a nutritious, satisfying meal.

Share your fav salad with me! I'd love to try a few new ones.